“Write your game!” - New Year's contest from KolibriOS

    New Year is just around the corner, but what New Year is without New Year's contests with gifts? In the KolibriOS project, we decided not to depart from tradition, and to conduct our own competition, with cash prizes.

    Since we are in Habré, we consider a random random prize drawing like a contest from Mail.Ru inappropriate here, and the prizes will need to be earned. Since KolibriOS is a hobby project, the competition will be related to entertainment. Well, and since we are not as rich as Mail.Ru , then the prizes will be smaller :-)

    The task of the competition is to write your own game for Hummingbirds . This must be done before the New Year 2015 Moscow time, i.e. until December 31, 2014 24:00 MSK.

    Anyone can take part in the competition, regardless of age and place of residence. You can participate both individually and as a team (with the participation of the team, in case of winning, one prize will be given to the whole team).

    You can use any programming language for the game - at least FASM (preferred), at least JAVA, at least Brainfuck . However, if the compiler of your chosen language is currently not available for Hummingbirds, you will first have to teach this compiler to build programs for Hummingbirds. Therefore, we recommend choosing a language for which there is already a compiler ( for Brainfuck, by the way, there is ).

    The source code of the game (including all "resources" - pictures, sprites, sounds, music, if any) must be posted on the SVN project under one of the approved open-source licenses . The game should be compiled from source using the Tup auto-assembly system on the Hummingbird server. To facilitate adding a game to auto-assembly (as well as taking into account the previous paragraph), it is best to write the game in a language for which there is already an example of auto-assembly (FASM, NASM, C--, GCC, MSVC). But we are not looking for easy ways, right?

    Games of all participants who successfully completed the task will be put to a vote on Habré in January 2015. According to the results of the voting, prizes will be awarded:

    • 1st place - $ 1,000 US
    • 2nd place - $ 500 US
    • 3rd place - $ 250 US

    Important: inour previous competition on Habré, only4 out of 11 participants fully met all the conditions. At that time, we did not strictly follow the rules, and put all 11 applications to the vote. But now there are more prizes, the task is much more complicated, and we also warn in advance, therefore, if someone does not fulfill the conditions this time, then their game will not be allowed to vote.

    PS By the way, we still cannot contact the winners of our last contest - x128andGoLiaF- so if one of you two is reading these lines now, please contact us to receive your prizes.

    FAQ / FAQ:

    • You can write a game that is already in Hummingbird . It is possible, but not interesting.
    • You can port an existing game that you wrote earlier (subject to all other rules), but you cannot port a game written by someone else. That is, if PapaBubaDiop wants to port its "Field of Miracles ", then it is possible. And if someone else wants to port his Miracle Field, then it’s impossible.
    • You can publish an unfinished game on our forum for beta testing by its project participants. The source code is optional. But to participate in the competition, the source code must appear in the auto-assembly before the New Year.
    • You can ask questions on our forum and on Habré that arise when writing the game, but to answer some of them, we will ask you to show the code.
    • You can (and even need) to point out bugs in the kernel and Hummingbird drivers that prevent you from writing the game, but we do not promise that we will fix them before the New Year.
    • The game should not only be compiled by auto-assembly, but also work in a hummingbird (thanks, cap!). The hummingbird auto-build version in which the game runs should be released between today and New Year. In other words, do not make the game under Kolibri , released on 02/14/2007.
    • Existing participants in the KolibriOS project have the right to participate in the competition on general terms, but do not have the right to submit to the competition games that they already wrote for Hummingbirds before the publication of this competition.
    • “Where is the gold from?” - “From the forest, of course. Father, you hear, he’s robbing, and I’m taking it away. ” This is the money we received from Google for mentoring four students in Google Summer of Code 2014 . About this, I will also soon write an article.
    • NEW: "Resources" for the game (pictures, sprites, sounds, music, if any) can be used by others, provided that they are also distributed under one of the approved open-source licenses .
    • NEW: Each participant can send up to three (3) games written by him (new or ported) to the contest, and accordingly receive up to three (3) prizes.

    Answers will be supplemented as questions arise.

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