The Future of Directory Services (in the Cloud) - Webinar Registration

We invite you to visit the free webinar of A. Kibkalo on November 14, 2014 at 13:30 on the topic: The Future of Directory Services (in the clouds)

Webinar content:
Platform for enterprises:
# OneAD: from different synchronizers to AAD Connect (and DirSync.vNext)
# Schema extensions - between ADDS onPrem and the cloud (including multi value attributes)
# OneAD Health: ADFS Health, Ibiza project (Azure Management Portal vNext)
# Azure AD Domain Controller (AAD DC)
Integration of on-premises applications with the cloud
# AAD Aplication Proxy
# IAM as a Service
# Azure Role Based Access Control
AAD Business to Comsumer
RMS Evolution in the Cloud
Business to Business / Collabaration
Conditional Access Control
Windows for the Enterprise
Privileged Access Management
AD Intelligence
AAD licensing

Webinar Future Directory Services (in the clouds) will be held on Friday November 14 at 13:30 (Moscow time).
By tradition: You can register for the webinar by writing me an email at with the subject “FLADS”.
Please note that the number of seats is limited, pre-registration for events is required.

PS In the near future we will post the records of previous webinars.

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