"IT Theater" of concrete and greenery

    Spanish financial group Santander, the financial leader in the Eurozone and the third largest private bank in Brazil, has opened a data center worth nearly $ 500 million in Campinas, São Paulo. The data center in Campinas occupies 800 thousand square meters and is used for processing and posting corporate data. It is designed in such a way as to combine high speed data processing, high system stability, secure data placement, and the ability to implement the latest technologies.

    The data center in Campinas has increased 3 times the physical space of the facilities that store the equipment responsible for Santander operations. Capacities allow you to store more than 5 petabytes of information and are able to provide more than 210 million transactions per day. Infrastructure will allow the bank to meet the expected growing demand for its services, as well as provide an opportunity to monitor all operations in Latin America. Data center capacities can accommodate up to 9 thousand virtual servers.

    The Campinas project received a Tier IV fault tolerance certificate from the Uptime Institute. The complex consists of two identical buildings, interconnected for even greater reliability. Each block reaches an area of ​​25 thousand square meters, has three floors, two of which are partially underground. Soil selected during the construction process was placed back after completion of work, which allowed the buildings to blend in with the environment. Walls and ceilings are reinforced and able to support the weight of the upper floors in the event of a collapse.

    The first block accommodates the reception, production and office premises. It is located between vertical concrete structures and a long stone wall forming a patio, which can be reached from other work areas.

    In the second block - the departments of support and logistics are located. It is connected to a closed garden, the overlapping of which is a block system of concrete elements that allow daylight to penetrate inside, which can also control its intensity. A large body of water, measuring about 12 meters wide and 80 meters in length, complements this wonderful complex.

    The buildings of the data center are two independent energy complexes and a block of spare generators, which ensure uninterrupted operation. If suddenly the main support is interrupted, the complex will be able to operate at full capacity for another 4 days without refueling the generators. In turn, electric generators do not contain lead batteries, and the water that has condensed in the cooling system is used for the needs of the data center. The landscaping system of the data center is able to restore a lot of vegetation, and the system of access channels adapts to the logistics needs of the complex.

    This is the first Santander data center in Brazil, created in addition to existing sites. There are also two properties in Spain, and one each in the UK and Mexico. Santander applied to the Green Building Council for LEED Gold certification and has every chance of getting it.

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