Samsung Gear App Challenge Finalists

    Good afternoon, Habr!

    So the Samsung Gear App Challenge global competition has come to an end and the winning applications have been selected ! Nevertheless, everyone can still contribute and support the applications that interest him in voting for the "Popular Choice Prize"! It is up to you to decide who will receive the BMW i3! Voting for winners will end at 1 a.m. November 10, 2014. Voting URL:

    Meanwhile, at the finish line is our Russian competition-counterpart - Tizen App Challenge. On November 17, the refereeing phase will begin; we will judge those applications that have successfully passed the test in the GALAXY Apps store. To avoid disappointment at the last moment, send your applications in advance and pay attention to what the inspector tells you. For example, they may find a minor error in the icon format, which, however, will prevent the application from being certified.

    We answer the question that many participants ask: “what if you want to submit several applications for the competition and win more prizes, but the interface of the site doesn’t allow you?” There’s no point in completing the site - you can break it suddenly :) Therefore, we suggest such a workaround: we write in the name of the application: ”AppName1” = “23345521”; ”OtherAppName” = “23345521” and put ContentId. Well, we'll figure it out!

    How it looks in our admin panel:

    Another moment with a DUID (device unique identifier), which is necessary in order to generate a certificate for the specific watch for which you are developing the application. For those who develop on the emulator, this is not required, and is not used in the distribution scheme either.
    It turns out that you need to look for this DUID not in the place where it corns your eyes, but in a separate tab. See picture:

    In general, all success!

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