Rust News # 1 (September 2018)


    My comment to the news about Rust 1.28 with a review of rusty events for the month went pretty well, so keep a very subjective cut of rusty news from last month.

    In this collection: Rust 1.29, records of reports from Rustconf 2018, gfx-rs, Rust2018, Port Flatbuffers, new versions of ripgrep and Alacritty.

    Rust 1.29

    Rust 1.29 has been released. The main innovations are available immediately from rustup'a cargo fixand cargo clippy(more in the habro-translation ).

    Next, version 1.29.1 was released , closing an error in std :: repeat ( discussion ).

    Rust 1.30 and 1.31 will be very significant.

    There is no exact list yet, but it is expected that :

    Video from Rustconf 2018

    rustconf 2018 logo

    Became available videos from RustConf 2018 ( program reports ). The list of videos is in the order of a very approximate subjective interest:

    Bonus: several entries have flown with Rust Cologne :


    WebRender, gfx-rs and gfx-portability

    There has been a lot of movement lately:

    Rusty igrostroy

    What would you remove from Rust?

    An interesting topic in / r / rust , where you can learn from the comments decently all the irregularities of the language.

    Rusty Port FlatBuffers

    They brought the official port of google FlatBuffers to Rust ( discussion ). A thick layer of tests, fuzzing, performance and everything else is present.

    Don't fear 1.0!

    An interesting discussion in / r / rust is why the ecosystem is slowly moving up to> 1.0 packets.


    • In order for the author to stabilize the package, he needs to make sure that the API is adequate - for this he needs to see how people use it. Many people do not use packages <1.0, expecting their stabilization - because of this, stabilization slows down;
    • For users: want more stable packages - use unstable and give feedback to the author;
    • For authors: do not worry so much about release 1.0.

    ripgrep 0.10

    ripgrep (rg) is a faster and more convenient alternative to classic grep (i.e., the rusty counterpart of The Silver Searcher and ack).

    Version 0.10 was released ( discussion , very entertaining) - now it works even faster, supports PRCE2 and multi-line queries.

    Also, the ripgrep package snuck into the ubuntu 18.10 repository .

    Alacritty 0.2

    Alacritty is a GPU-accelerated terminal emulator that tries to be very, very fast on any 4K screen.

    Alacritty Snapshot

    Version 0.2 released ( discussion ) with scrolling support. I refused to add it for a long time, saying “use tmux”, but in the end it turned out to give birth to an implementation that is not very productive.

    By the way, like ripgrep, Alacritty crawls into Linux distributions: brought to Arch ;

    New RFCs

    By RFC, it is quite convenient to observe which way the language is moving. In each PR header, there is a "Rendered" link, under which the RFC is available in a readable form.

    RFC 2418 "Add futures and task system to libcore" has been postponed again, it’s not destiny to become part of the Rust2018 innovations.

    There is a discussion of the semantics of imports in Rust 2018 .

    One line

    That's all, thank you for your attention!

    If I have not added any important link or event, feel free to throw in the comments. :)

    QDPV taken from the article Looking to what to learn in 2018? Learn Rust! , the rest of the pictures from the sites of relevant projects.

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