Apple and Alibaba intend to cooperate in the mobile payment market

    Just yesterday, in front of visitors to the technology conference of The Wall Street Journal, the collaboration of two powerful payment systems matured. Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, said he was open for cooperation with Apple in the field of mobile payments, Reuters reports.

    Speaking at the Wall Street Journal Digital Live Conference on Monday, Ma said he respected Apple CEO Tim Cook very much. “I hope we can do something together,” he said when asked if Alipay and Apple are likely to work together.

    Immediately after Ma’s interview, Tim Cook appeared on the scene, who was immediately asked about the attitude towards the words of the head of Alibaba. Highly praising the Alibaba team, Cook said that this week they intend to meet in Ma and hold preliminary talks.

    “I really respect Jack. “Apple loves to work with evil and smart leaders who create flexible, dynamic teams and great products,” Cook said. “I think we’ll find common ground.”

    Alibay's Alipay is China's largest payment service, and its founder, Jack Ma, is valued at $ 25 billion, although he owns only 7.8% of the company. The capitalization of the company, whose largest shareholders are SoftBank (32.4%), Yahoo (16.3%) is $ 241 billion. Alibaba handles more e-commerce transactions than and eBay combined, but so far its focus has been on the Chinese domestic market.

    However, Ma previously stated that he would like to sell American and European products in China in order to change the typical flow of goods for China in 10-15 years.

    The head of Alibaba is interested in investing in American companies and intends to visit a number of Hollywood studios, looking for objects for investments. He has already acquired some small American companies, in particular the 11Main niche online store, and Ma is not going to stop there.

    Apple introduced new products last week entered a new mobile payment market for itself, and although it thoroughly prepared for it, with the support of VISA, Mastercard and more than 250 banks and financial institutions, it needs such an influential partner in the Asian market as Alibaba.

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