How to become a programmer or Learn Java in 1 year

Hello dear reader. I have long wanted to write a similar article, but either did not have enough time, or treacherous laziness interfered. But be that as it may, nevertheless I managed to gather my thoughts to write what will bring you, I hope, some kind of benefit. I will gladly share my knowledge and experience, in response time and attention are due from you. In my opinion, this publication is well suited for those who are ready to determine their interests and want to connect their lives with IT - in one way or another. So let's go!

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Choosing a programming language

The publication begins to look like many similar materials. According to the law of the genre, I will have to write the name of a pair of three programming languages, name a couple of pluses and minuses, and, as a result, without answering the question, go to the next part. This is partly true, because everyone chooses for himself the language that is closer to him, based on what kind of products he wants to develop in the future. Most of you studied at Turbo Pascal and it is unlikely that it will be news to you that practically nothing is written in this language. So in this case, you need to choose the language correctly, although there is never a lot of knowledge, but if you want to effectively join the ranks of programmers in a short period of time, you should approach the choice of language wisely. At the very beginning, remember:a good programmer will never remain hungry, and in most cases he will be able to buy a lot of caviar (this definition is suitable for any specialty, but no specialty will give you such freedom in choosing a job, both in terms of companies and countries - he is a programmer in Indian programmer).

It is logical that the more popular the language and the demand, the more likely it will be to find work in the future, while the language should be easy to learn. Because although they write a large number of games in C ++ and get good money for it, it is better for a newcomer who is not familiar with OOP (object-oriented programming) to put this language for some time to hell. The following is a list of the most popular programming languages ​​of 2014., and as you can see, Java comes first, followed by C languages, then Phyton, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc. If you look for such statistics yourself, you will see that in different sources the places are occupied in different ways, but in general, the first 10 places in content will coincide everywhere.

If you turn to another source, based on an analysis of the vacancies posted on Twitter, you will see a very similar situation with the first example. And yes, both articles are in English, get used to it, if you want to become a programmer, remember that almost all the documentation and sources of useful information are written in English, so if your knowledge in this language is weak, add yourself to the to-do list for tomorrow and in the near future to learn and practice English. I think I’ll even write a separate article on the study of a foreign language.

Based on these two sources, we can already imagine which programming languages ​​are now “in fashion”. As the name implies, the author of the article chose Java for himself. Although I consider it the best for studying OOP, there are many people who disagree with me, and it is logical - how many people, so many opinions. Here we get on a small crossroads of roads: choose Java, C # (very similar to Java), Phyton, if we want to work with the fillings of programs and applications (back-end) or PHP, JavaScript, HTML, if we want to engage in web development (front-end). In the first case, I would opt for Java, and in the second - for PHP, although again, it’s more to your taste, you have to look for information about different languages ​​yourself and understand what you want to do in general. For thought, hereA selection of languages ​​that are used in the largest Internet companies in the world .

There are 2 main reasons why I would choose either Java or PHP. The first is very popular languages ​​and it will not be difficult to find an appropriate job, and the second is that in no other languages ​​you will not find so much training material in both of these, both in Russian and in English.



So, we have come to the stage to which the majority reach without problems, but this period is rightfully one of the most difficult in the career of a programmer. Although the programmer studies throughout his life, the time when he begins to take his first steps largely determines his future destiny. In general, training tests a person for strength, whether he can stand it, doesn’t he lose interest in a month (as some people have), can he get to the end and master the basic knowledge, which then will be layered whole layers of information.

In general, I have my own theory, which I have repeatedly confirmed in practice: absolutely everything can be learned in 1 year.. Believe me, it’s a true truth, someone will even need less time, but if a person doesn’t stop giving up and wisely approaches training within a year, then it’s practically impossible for him not to learn. This is not only in programming, in absolutely any field: if you want to play the guitar - no problem (it took me not so much time and effort), learn Argentine tango, go surfing - all this will last for one year. The main thing is to learn!

In this case, I will consider the Java language, since it is nevertheless closer to me. Fortunately, the Internet is full of people who help others free of charge in training, so finding the right material for you will not be difficult. Over 1,000 hours of Java lectures posted here, which can be viewed with a pen and paper in the walls of your comfortable apartment (so far only in Russian). For those who are used to reading through walkable material, again the Internet provides great opportunities and this is only one of all kinds of sites with Java lessons . There are more than enough theories, but I can’t say about such a training site as , where you can find training courses in various languages ​​and in various fields, including programming - again, everything is absolutely free. There are not one or two such sites, you just need to look.

But no matter how cognitive theory is, programming cannot be done without practice. But even here they have already done half the battle for us and we don’t need to look for various tasks to improve our skills, such a service asJavaRush  will help a lot. In general, this site provides both theory and practice, starting just from duplicating code from the screen and ending with complex tasks, and during breaks it even offers to relax and watch the notorious animated series. According to the assurances of the authors, those who have reached level 20 in the service will have sufficient knowledge to already get a job in an IT company.

And of course, someone will ask, but what about the book? Do not you need to read them, and if necessary - then what? To this I will answer that from reading books no one has become stupider. There are also a lot of books, but I will list only a small part of them:


Help in practice

As already mentioned, practice is an integral part in any training, especially in programming. Here you have to code and code, up to the muscle memory of the fingers. This, of course, is a little exaggerated, but at first you really have to hit a lot on the keys to memorize the values ​​of various designs, in order to use it almost automatically in the future.

Many beginning programmers initially have a large number of questions, especially when you need to perform an independent task. This is normal. But in such situations, you need to understand that almost any question you have can be answered on the Internet. You are unlikely to be the first to encounter it, so do not rush to battle to ask questions to various forums of programmers (which I will write about a little later). Sit for a minute, correctly formulate the problem in your head and boldly look for it in the search engine. Surely most will search in Russian, but do not forget that the language of programmers is English, so if you can’t find the answer in the great and powerful, you should look in a language that everyone seems to have learned at school, but never learned. But even if in this case it turned out that there is no answer to your question anywhere,

  • Cyberforum is, in my opinion, the most popular Russian-language forum for IT specialists, here you can find answers to questions, and not only in the field of programming;
  • Programmers forum - a large Russian-language forum;
  • Searchengines is a notorious forum, but specializes more in web programming;
  • Stack overflow - and this, I’m not afraid of these words, is the most popular IT forum in the world, you can find answers to almost all your questions here;
  • Dev shed is also a large English-language forum;
  • Quora is a forum that does not directly specialize in programming, but there is a high probability that you will receive a response from a real professional.

Forums are, of course, not the only way to get answers to your questions. In their practice, programmers everywhere work with official documentation of the language in which they write. It describes how certain classes and interfaces work, sometimes the documentation is the only source that can help resolve issues, because it is only at the initial stage that everyone has similar questions and you can find ready-made solutions without problems, but the further you get into the wilds , the harder and harder it is to find the answers, so you have to rely on your own, I hope, already clever head.

Compiling the code

I have already written quite a lot, of course, it is difficult to cover such a large topic within the framework of one article, but, I think, the first steps have already been taken and they should cause you to think accordingly. I think this is only the first article in the series “How to become a programmer” and, accordingly, “why?” If you are at a crossroads and do not yet know which way to choose. Next time I will touch upon things that are more interesting in material terms, because it’s no secret that programmers are not poor people, and let’s see the next time where and how much they get.

Finally, for those who want to truly become a programmer, I want to take the bull by the horns, gather all the will into a fist and do what you like. They have spoken to me thousands of times, but I repeat, the main thing is desire and work. Then you will succeed. Remember the most important thing:take the study of programming languages ​​and various technologies not as a goal, but as a MEANS. Just imagine what opportunities open before you. Maybe you will become one of those who change the world in real time. So good luck and thank you for your attention!

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