The future of smartphones = antimagotchi


    Right now we have a bunch of personal devices - smartphones. They have evolved, become smaller, more beautiful and simpler in interface. We have unprecedented freedom to customize their functions by installing additional applications.

    But in fact, the essence of the device has not changed much. It as it was an information stone (digging stick, etc.) remained.

    Solution idea

    You used tamagotchi (an avatar that you need to constantly take care of)? So, I think this device should become an anti-warlock - in the sense that it will learn to perceive us as its avatar and take care of us.

    Now I have to exert strength (including mental) to customize my device. He cannot think for himself - but he must 100% (I’m already tired of thinking so much for myself). Smartphone operating systems are simply obliged to acquire an AI that will constantly monitor their master (his habits, contacts, psycholinguistics, movement on the network and GPS) and draw conclusions with predictions on these patterns. To adapt to it on the one hand and to do better (to educate it, or at least to encourage it with different medals / badges) on the other hand.

    Sites that are now custom-built for the visitor’s profile are primitive because I can’t access the data that the device constantly interacts with.

    Ideally, a smartphone should be ahead of mine in its “thinking” (in chess it is always ahead of me) and provide me with the information I need at that moment a few seconds before I understand that I need it - it should tell me what to do, and not make me look for it on the internet.

    A smartphone should use different theories of personality description to build a psychological portrait of dominant traits and begin to guess the desire of the owner, monitor his emotional states (by catching words in the chat) and if it is bad to intervene immediately to show possible solutions. He must constantly update the tag map of interests and offer only important news and events. Itself. You don’t even have to go in, click or do something. He is the first to take the initiative.

    All this data, of course, is stored in the cloud, also anonymously helping various scientific institutions in their studies of human behavior.

    Further, these devices should learn to communicate with each other through tracing connections in social networks and people suitable for communication. Themselves choose with whom it is worth talking to the owner and with whom not. Apparently this will be actively hacked and a centralized server will appear for authorization of such devices and their reputation. Then the older (long-living) devices begin to gain their individual value.

    Most likely, then (though not a fact) it will become a separate personalized animal or anime (Microsoft is moving everything there) with which it will be possible to communicate with a speech and it will be displayed as a hologram on a 3D display, but this is already some kind of science fiction.

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