Version 1.5.4 released

    The new version of GAE SDK 1.5.4 has been released.

    Major changes:
    • Blobstore API - now you can set the maximum size for the download file
    • Datastore - improving the internal sampling mechanism for several fields using the operation =(equal)
    • Prospective Search API Now Available for Java
    • Memcache - it became possible to record in Memcache without waiting for a response from the service. We simply transfer the data, and do not wait until it is processed by this service to continue working

    Despite the recent events related to price increases, the Google App Engine continues to work to improve the quality of its product, which makes us happy.

    Changelog for Python
    Changelog for Java
    Download GAE SDK 1.5.4

    Source: Google App Engine

    P.S. official blog In the current version of the SDK does not have the opportunity of sampling the mismatch condition <, >, !=.

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