Paypal has enabled automatic conversion to rubles of all receipts to the account not in rubles

On the morning of October 24, I saw that a payment in dollars to my Paypal wallet was automatically converted to rubles. I was surprised, but I didn’t attach any importance, I thought, maybe I pressed something wrong, because the day before, I was sorting out technical support by phone on the issue of non-payment of payments to my cashbox. Technical support assured me that I have the most verified wallet, the account is in excellent condition, payments must go through and the problem is on the other hand. Just in case, I checked that the default currency is dollar and calmly closed the page.

Tonight, going into my wallet, I was horrified: all payments are automatically converted into rubles, and taking into account the fall of this ruble and the expected growth of the dollar to 45-50 rubles, this is completely unprofitable. In addition, Paypal converts dollars at 40.92 rubles per unit, which is almost a ruble cheaper than the CBR rate today.

Easy googling did not clarify the situation, and I made an urgent call to tech support. As a result, I learned that some new laws were passed and all semi-verified and non-verified Paypal users received auto-conversion. And for complete identification and the ability to accept dollars, you must provide a passport and other documents. Given that it was impossible to identify with a passport before, auto-conversion was turned on for all Russian Paypal accounts.

There are two ways out for me: I transferred everything that was possible to my second Thai kleshelek in Paypal and started the identification procedure for the Russian, but the situation is very tough and unpleasant.

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