Telegram again distributes money for developing simple CSS templates.

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Pavel Durov announced the second contest Template Competition 2.0 , all participants of which are paid $ 100 for each HTML / CSS template for previewing the media site in the messenger. And also $ 2 for each mistake found in someone else’s template (the amount is deducted from the author’s fee).

Making an instant view for preview is very easy. For example, the winners of the last contest wrote 40 pieces each . They received 40 × 100 dollars in fees (minus the penalty for mistakes) and in addition shared the main prize of $ 10,000. About 370 other participants, mainly from Russia, added to their wallets.

This year the prizes are the same: $ 10,000 for first place and $ 5000 for second. One hundred dollars for each template and $ 2 for the error found. The total prize fund is $ 300,000.

Templates are accepted for media sites from the list. At the moment there are about hundreds of such sites, including By the way, three templates have already been adopted for Habr (and 17 have been rejected).

Here is one of the accepted works.

Pavel Durov promised that soon they will launch similar contests for mobile developers and other programmers. As a result, there will be a lot of various contests: for Android developers, C ++ developers, voice call developers and others. Winners will receive prizes and a chance to get into the Telegram team.

The next competition will be announced within 10 days.

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