Web Application Development Fundamentals

    All on Monday.
    Last week we released a translation of Learning Web App Development . The book is available in hard copy and electronic (pdf + epub).


    Through this book, you will learn the basics of building web applications by building a simple application from scratch using HTML, JavaScript, and other freely available tools. This practical guide, using real-life examples, teaches inexperienced web developers how to create a user interface, build a server side, organize client-server communication, and use cloud services to deploy an application. Each chapter contains practical tasks, full-fledged examples, as well as mental models of the development process. This book will help you take the first steps in building web applications by providing in-depth knowledge of the topic.

    • Create a workflow foundation with a text editor, version control system and browser.
    • Build the user interface in HTML and then style it with CSS.
    • Use jQuery and JavaScript to add interactivity to your application.
    • Create a connection between the client and server using AJAX, JavaScript objects, and JSON.
    • Learn the basics of server-side programming with Node.js.
    • Store data outside your application with Redis and MongoDB.
    • Host your application online by uploading it to the cloud with CloudFoundry.

    Learn the basic guidelines for writing maintainable code in both the client and server side of the application.

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    Book on piter.com
    Table of Contents

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