SAP became interested in the market for medium-sized enterprises

    The world-famous company SAP has decided to interest medium-sized businesses. A novelty is the provision of a package of hosted versions of CRM and ERP systems. Services will be configured so that it will be convenient to work with them remotely, the system will be ready for numerous daily operations and updates.

    Potential subscribers will have the opportunity to try the services in test mode before purchasing.

    SAP believes that there is nothing similar in this area in the market now, and therefore the company wants not to miss its chance to take a certain market share. By 2010, it is planned to attract about 10 thousand new customers annually.

    It seems that SAP is seriously interested in the market for medium-sized enterprises, which is confirmed by the planned additional costs of the company in the amount of 300-400 million euros for market development in the next two years. Most of these funds will be used for testing, the development of new software that will be distributed and will begin to be profitable by 2008, reports .

    The company does not deny the fact that new services will be of interest to companies that want to use the provided software without special customization. If a company needs to fine-tune and customize its programs, it can purchase the SAP All-In-One system.

    To date, SAP has only described the strategy; the service has not yet come up with a name.

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