And Exalead is also looking

    Returning to the test of updates by search engines from "Ashmanov and partners" , we will check how Exalead is good for searching on Runet.

    I note that since my first sonota , Ashmanov’s test has changed a bit, new queries and test sites for them have been added to it, other queries have been removed. I tested Exalead for queries that were part of the quality test at the time of my first sonot.

    A total of 21 requests. Exalead responded with test sites on 12 of them. For these 12 queries, the average position of test sites is 1.5, which exceeds the Google score (1.64), which is currently leading by Ashmanov & Partners in this test.

    It seems that Exalead does not have support for Russian morphology (or it is carefully hidden), however, this search engine is already quite well searched for on the Runet. For reference, the Exalead database currently has over 8 billion indexed pages.

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