Respondu.Net guesses thoughts

    Respondu logoRespondu (in Esperanto means “answer”) is more like a toy that my neighbor and I ( raakha ) blinded to amuse our friends and ourselves.

    The essence of the program is that the user is prompted to guess any item, after which the computer tries to guess it by asking the user questions. If the computer is mistaken (the hidden object is not in the knowledge base), the program asks the user to name and briefly describe the hidden item.

    How it works?
    Very simple: Respondu builds a tree of signs, adding user answers to it, and a series of questions asked to the user is a simple walk around this tree.

    Respondu is made in pythonThe Pylons framework took us one day to design and develop.

    A few words about hosting.

    In a shared-hosting we chose WebFaction.Com , after a failed attempt to host a punk hosting (3-4 days after payment it turned out that their admins do not have to have time and technical support sites does not allow users solve this unpleasant problem yourself).

    We will be very happy with your ideas about whether it is possible to make something sensible from this project that needs to be changed, added, and how to implement cleaning wood from debris .

    Thanks to WebFaction for a fabulously pleasant conversation with him (both with courteous tech support and an excellent admin panel that allows you to deploy almost any “fashionable” framework in a couple of moments), TopHost for refunding on demand and mysterious Nop for an idea -)

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