Phone Spy Sim Card Spy

    It’s not so difficult to backup contacts from the SIM card of a mobile phone. The benefit of software for each manufacturer for each model of a mobile phone is more than enough. Therefore, at first it seemed a little strange to me to launch a Sim Card Spy USB device , which allows you to insert a SIM card into it and use the bundled software to edit, restore and backup contacts.

    But, firstly, such a thing can be useful if the phone ordered to live for a long time, and you need to “grab” someone’s number or email address here and now. And secondly, Sim Card Spy (the name speaks for itself) will be useful to novice spies and people with an increased "degree of curiosity." The producer in plain text offers to monitor his soul mate, children and even employees (what a nightmare). It is enough to “steal” the SIM card, connect Sim Card Spy to the PC and you are ready: “why, interestingly, did your wife delete the phone number of Alexei Mikhailovich? .. And who is that ?!” Almost nothing will be possible to hide the “victim” of such surveillance: the utility that comes with the device’s scope of delivery can recover almost all records deleted from the SIM card.

    Honestly, personally it seems to me that all these "spy" troubles are contrived. Especially when you consider that not everyone stores contacts on the SIM card, preferring the phone’s memory. And that the cost of Sim Card Spy is $ 150. Is it a little expensive for dubious pleasure? However, it cannot be denied that it might well have crossed the mind of someone in this way to follow their often "late at work" husband. Anything can happen.


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