VeeRoute is the winner of the it-track

    Companies of any size involved in transportation and delivery often face various logistical challenges. Sometimes it is quite problematic to calculate the optimal route, while saving time and, consequently, money. This problem is especially relevant for large companies that need to calculate hundreds of routes per day.

    VeeRoute came to the rescue. This company is developing special algorithms that allow you to build routes in real time. The product is intended for online stores, retailers, distributors, courier services and service companies. It can be used by companies that have up to 10 cars, and those who have a whole fleet of cars.

    The program allows automatic planning with sending a route to the driver’s smartphone. VeeRoute saves 60 hours on planning and up to 50 thousand rubles a month on gasoline and salaries.

    So, the product has the following advantages:
    • Automatic preparation of the optimal schedule
    • Manual adjustment of routes
    • Android application for drivers
    • Plan-fact analysis in real time
    • SMS informing about the planned arrival time and delays.

    The creators of VeeRoute Vladislav and Mikhail Kudinov describe their project as follows: “Our algorithms allow you to build routes in almost real time. Planning for 10,000 addresses takes 10 minutes. We work with leading providers of geographic information services (PTV, Telogis, Yandex, etc.), which provide up-to-date maps and traffic data. The service is designed in such a way that the flexibility and availability of the REST API allows you to take into account the specifics of the company and integrate into existing business processes. "
    It is worth noting that the company employs leading experts: students and graduates of ITMO University, world champions in algorithmic programming, Russian developers with vast experience in promoting such products in the US market.

    Vladislav Kudinov answered our questions:

    - Vladislav, how have you and your team changed thanks to the acceleration program?

    By the beginning of acceleration, we had just finalized the product and realized that we were ready to enter the market. Therefore, in fact, we can say that we have grown an infinite number of times: from 0 to 7 customers, from 0 to 365 thousand rubles. payments per month.

    - The idea / quote / advice / comment of any of the mentors who really helped, sunk into the soul?

    To be honest, the greatest contribution to our victory was made by Alexander Borodich, when after the semi-final he said during dinner: “And someone has a VERY good project, but he VERY terribly presents it,” and then added: “Do you really? so present? and you teach others ”(at the expense of others, you learn - I just before the project started, 2011-2013 was the head of the ITMO University business incubator). This, in general, was the case, because after the semi-finals I took only 7th place and, thank God, not 5 projects went to the final of the IT track, as in other tracks, but 9. After that, I, together with the team for 3 days, almost without sleep, completely redid the presentation. Well, you know the result.

    - What is the originality of your solution for the Russian market, international?

    For us, this question has probably become the most frequent recently, because we solve a problem that many of us have been familiar with since the university bench - the traveling salesman problem. Our uniqueness is precisely in the algorithms. We have been solving the problem for a year and a half on how to make the algorithms take into account a huge number of factors, including traffic jams, and at the same time it works at the click of a finger. We succeeded only because we have a unique alloy of young geniuses, in the person of world champions in algorithmic programming and people who for 15-20 years were involved in the creation and implementation of transport systems in leading companies in Russia, Europe and the USA.

    - How old are you, and how did you get the idea to try to create your own business when most peers do not bother with this?

    I am already 29 years old. In general, this is not my first startup, the first one I started with my friends in 2006, and from 2011 to 2014, I, as the director of ITMO's business incubator, have already actively promoted among youth all the benefits of my own project, when everything depends on you and you immediately see the return on investment. As for VeeRoute - in our incubator, many projects have encountered the fact that in Russia there are very poor courier services, which are constantly late and disrupt orders, I won’t even mention Russian mail. So, I began to study the reasons more deeply, and I realized that no small role in this is played by the fact that no one knows how to build good routes and manage their couriers. In general, we solve this problem.

    - How far into the future do you look: think only about current problems, set goals for 3-5 years?

    My brothers and I were always ambitious people, when we made an incubator, we planned to create the best incubator in Eastern Europe, and in part we did it. Now there is also a situation - we want to create a great technology company that will cost at least a billion dollars, and we know how to do it in 5 years, so we have already launched several new directions in parallel, which we will soon launch on the market. Someone say, but how to focus on one direction - but it’s easier for us, because there are three of us.

    The VeeRoute project on October 9, 2014 won the special nomination of the Skolkovo Foundation as part of the Web ReadyGeneration S. Finals. The team received a special prize of 100 thousand rubles. And on October 16, 2014, VeeRoute became the winner of the IT track of the GenerationS contest!

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