Published rating of countries most affected by hackers

    The United Kingdom and Germany topped the EMEA rating of the countries most exposed to hacker attacks, according to a 19-page report by the international security company FireEye.

    About 17% of all attacks by cybercriminals were directed against the UK, and another 12% - against various institutions in Germany. In third place is Saudi Arabia (10%).

    Experts believe that these countries have taken the brunt of the blow, as they have a reputation as states with a strong and stable economy, in which many international companies are actively operating.

    In addition to business, the administrative-state and telecommunication sectors felt the increased activity of cybercriminals; according to FireEye, this is more than 50 percent of the total number of attacks.

    In addition to the above, the top five countries most affected by hacker attacks are Turkey (9%) and Switzerland (8%). Italy and Qatar also experienced hacker attacks - their positions in the middle of this rating. Spain, Sweden and France from the cybercriminals got the least - 4% of the total number of attacks.

    “The growing number of cyber attacks is a new reality for business and government. By preparing an effective defensive strategy, organizations can significantly reduce risks, ”says EMEA spokesman Richard Turner.

    In general, experts noted 2 times more attacks compared to last year. Most attacks are blamed on Chinese, Russian and Syrian hacker groups.

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