Ciklum Java Saturday in Kiev, November 1

    We hasten to please the Kiev audience of Java lovers with the upcoming Ciklum Java Saturday meeting , which will be held on November 1, from 11 to 16:30 in the Kiev office of Siklum.

    Ciklum Saturdays are free events open to all comers, where you can not only listen to interesting presentations and learn something new for yourself, but also communicate in an informal circle of like-minded people.


    As always, this time we have interesting speakers who will share their experience with the participants:

    1. Andrey Kravets
    Topic: Is it time to be reactive, or ..?

    Modern software requirements put quite severe restrictions on both advanced developers and the products they work on. Reactive programming is exactly the approach that provides incredible flexibility, reliability, and at the same time ease of use in the process of creating complex high-quality applications.
    Is it time for everyone to make a choice, be reactive or not?

    2. Alexander Zakharov
    Topic: Using EntityGraph in JPA 2.1

    Entity Graphs is very important, but somewhat underestimated in JPA 2.1./Java EE7 and provides an opportunity to significantly improve performance compared to traditional lazy / eager. The correct use of entity graph gives a significant gain in application performance. The report will explain how to define entity graphs using annotations and programmatically.

    3. Anton Gordiychuk
    Topic: AngularJS - advanced HTML for web applications The

    report is primarily aimed at developers who have not previously worked with AngularJS. In essence, this will be an introduction to the framework as well as its main components and capabilities. Target audience - developers who are interested in the latest trends in web development.

    4. Alexander Zakharov
    Topic: Domain Driven Design: design by model.

    When designing software, developers are faced with the problem of choosing one or another architectural approach. This report discusses design based on the domain model first discussed in Fowler's articles. Further development of this idea was made by Eric Evans in “Subject-Oriented Design”. The report will consider the main ideas of a subject-oriented approach and the organization of the project structure with practical tips.

    5. Nikolai Papirny
    Topic: Java memory model for mere mortals

    Multi-threaded programming in the java language is a very difficult task, and the creators of the language made it easier to write. That is why they introduced the JMM language specification. In the report, you will learn about the features of the memory model in Java.

    Participation in the event is free, subject to pre-registration. You can register here .

    This Ciklum Java Saturday is organized in partnership with the IT Labs educational center

    When: Saturday, November 1
    Time: 11: 00- 16:30
    Where: Ciklum office, Kiev, st. Amosova 12, BC Horizont, 2nd tower, 20th floor

    We are waiting for you on Saturday!

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