What to listen about audio: 15 podcasts

    Podcasts  are one of our favorite formats, and with the increasing popularity of voice-activated platforms and helpers like Alice, he is beginning to get the attention of the audience.

    Especially for this collection, we found the best English-language podcasts about sound and audio equipment, but we will start this digest with a short story about the  podcast with Audiomania experts .

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    This is a Russian-language podcast about sound, High End and Hi-Fi equipment, vinyl and audio formats. It comes out from 2013. To date, recorded 43 issue. In this program, experts in simple words explain the technical features of audio systems and discuss ambiguous issues from the world of technology, introduce students to new developments and the history of brands.

    On Habré there are text transcripts of the most interesting releases of the podcast. They are sorted by topic, which will help you quickly navigate and form your own idea of ​​"Sound".


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    The podcast was created by sound engineer George Thomas ( George Thomas ) and developer Tommy Martin ( Tommy Martin ). The show is dedicated to radio technology and is published several times a month.

    The first release of the program took place 13 years ago, shortly after Hurricane Katrina , and was dedicated to emergency power sources. The presenters cover a wide range of topics - from sound artifacts to Raspberry Pi .

    Beginner audiophile

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    As the name suggests, the main audience for this podcast is novice music lovers. The presenters talk about budget audio equipment and make recommendations on the choice of equipment . In a recent issue discussed news Exhibition CanJam Show, which specializes in portable audio. In one and a half year of its existence, 27 issues were published. Judging by the rating in iTunes and the positive reviews on reddit, the popularity of the podcast will only grow.

    What hi-fi?

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    Magazine about audio and video What Hi-Fi? coming out since 1976. The podcast of the same name is a subsidiary of the famous publication. The project is relatively young, the first release appeared only in May of this year. The presenters have already managed to discuss the innovations in the field of Hi-Fi and the peculiarities of Apple’s “smart” speaker, as well as review several headphones.


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    Review of the news of the world of audio and affordable Hi-Fi equipment for those who “strive for better sound quality and like to think.” Airtime mainly takes discussion of audio equipment and music formats. The hosts themselves consider the best release on streaming music content and related services.

    The tone control

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    This podcast exists thanks to sound engineer Justin Newton ( Justin Newton ) and guitarist Derek Heidemann ( Derek Heidemann ). Leading talk about guitars, new and vintage equipment, recording and writing music. The podcast will help not only to get closer to the characteristics and capabilities of amplifiers and guitar pedals, but also to orient in the choice of instrument. Gibson's “cosmic” guitars and the bankruptcy of the company, the Fusion Meteora hybrid of Telecaster and Jazzmaster are examples of topics discussed. Hosts regularly do reviews of guitars and related equipment. The podcast comes out twice a week.


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    The American organization AES (Audio Engineering Society) since 1948 has been developing, revising and publishing standards for audio and related industries. She also publishes a full-fledged scientific journal. The podcast serves as an attachment to this magazine. Each issue briefly (about 7 minutes) describes the topics of the new issue.

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    The Occasional Podcast

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    Podcast for the editor of the Part-Time Audiophile and The Occasional Magazine . Most issues are named after invited guests. Among them - sound engineers, engineers and designers.

    In the last series, the secrets of success in the audio market and modern trends in headphone design are discussed . The fifth edition of the show was recorded directly in the office of the legendary Manley Labs. One of the founders of the company spent leading the factory, discussed with them the nuances of the development of amplifiers and talked about how to organize your workflow .

    AV Rant

    [ iTunes ] [ Web version ]

    This podcast looks like an entertaining morning radio program. However, in each issue you can find something useful. Hosts and their guests give tips on choosing home theater components, projectors, subwoofers, and other equipment.

    The podcast is led by former Audioholics reviewer Tom Andry and Rob (Rob H.), a specialist in professional AV equipment. Most issues are built in the question-answer format. Listeners ask questions about home audio systems and ask what to look for when buying equipment. In the description of each release on the website of the show there are time codes.

    Weekly episodes last about two hours.


    [ Player.fm ] [ Web version ]

    Podcast known in the industry of the Internet community, dedicated to audio and video electronics. The presenters talk about the features of home theaters and sound equipment. As the name implies, the podcast is not limited to talking about audio. In one of the latest episodes, there was a review of the blockbuster Mission Impossible: Consequences.

    Special attention is paid to testing. During the existence of the podcast, the presenters checked the quality of the JBL headphones , Arcam amplifiers , BenQ projectors and other audio equipment. In addition, in some issues there are interesting collections, such as the best OLED TVs. Each issue lasts about 90 minutes.


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    The founders of the podcast call it the “guide to choosing the best equipment for home theaters.” However, the podcast is beyond the scope of this topic. The presenters talk about speakers, subwoofers, sound calibration, receivers and market news. And also discuss boomboxes for beach parties and movies in Blu-ray format. Each issue ends with answers to questions from the audience. The podcast comes out weekly and lasts about an hour.

    Ohms law

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    This podcast can be categorized as popular science.

    PS Audio co-founder Paul McGowan talks about audio devices, sound, music, and playback. In the podcast, he shares his more than 40 years of experience in the sound equipment market. His company produced everything from components of vinyl audio systems to modern Hi-End equipment.

    The podcast is highly informative. Each release is an answer to a question about audio equipment or sound tuning. McGowan talks about what you need to pay attention to in the specifications of amplifiers and preamps, why back tweeters and speakers answer other questions. The podcast will be especially interesting for those who want to better understand the technical characteristics of audio devices.


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    A podcast of the same-name online community dedicated to personal and portable audio. During the existence of the podcast - from 2007 to 2016 - more than 80 episodes were released.

    One of the first guests of the program was the famous analog recording restorer Steve Hoffman ( Steve Hoffman ). In addition to the interviews, presenters share industry news and review audio equipment. For example, one of the issues is devoted to the device of intra-channel monitors.

    Home theater geeks

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    The podcast presenter is professional musician and editor of the AVS Forum portal Scott Wilkinson. He talks to leaders in home theater and sound equipment. The guest of one of the latest releases was the portable sound specialist Till Hertsens (Tyll Hertsens), who answered questions from listeners about the choice of headphones.

    Although the program has ceased to be released, all 373 episodes are still available in podcast format.

    SoundGuys Podcast

    [ iTunes ] [ Web version ]

    Popular science podcast of the same name online edition dedicated to headphones and speakers. Presenters discuss the most diverse aspects of audio with humor.

    You will be told about the history of the MP3 format, especially listening to music on a smartphone and the effect of music on our consumer habits. Each episode lasts about 20 minutes.

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