New Kickstarter Favorite: Pronto Speed ​​Charging

    We have already seen many interesting concepts and prototypes of external batteries and accumulators for smartphones and other portable electronics at Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding venues. And many of them raised enough money so that the authors could release a commercially successful product. But, despite the undoubted innovativeness of many of them, this did not produce any particular revolutions in the industry.

    However, some time ago a project was published on Kickstarter, which, according to backers and experts from specialized media (e.g. Chris Smith from Boy Genius Report), has every chance for the laurels of a Pebble watch and a Coolest Cooler portable refrigerator in its product category.

    Charger Prontothe target amount of 50 thousand dollars has long passed. Until the end of the round of financing another 17 days, and about $ 260 thousand have already been raised. Over the past week, an average of $ 12 thousand is added per day, so the final collection of more than half a million can be safely predicted.

    Pronto is a usual, at first glance, an external lithium-polymer battery, which allows you to charge almost any gadget in any, even the farthest from civilization area.

    What is remarkable about the product so loved by Kickstarter? Firstly, the charging speed, which is possible thanks to the Pronto in-house PCB Power Practical. For example, to fully charge the battery of the iPhone 5 with a capacity of 1.440mAh, the device will need to charge for 5 minutes.

    Unlike other competing devices, Pronto charges very quickly, like a 25-watt Pronto 5 and a 60-watt Pronto 12. Pronto 5 with a capacity of 4,500 mAh is equipped with a 2.4A USB port, Pronto 12 with its 13,500 mAh has two USB ports and a 12V port, with which you can charge digital cameras or laptops using a standard car adapter.

    Fans of extreme relaxation will surely like the hard case made of anodized aluminum.

    The team that developed the battery, Power Practical are not new to their business. Previously, they developed the sensational PowerPot portable thermoelectric generator in 2012, went to the Shark Tank TV show, and agreed on investments right there with the famous entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

    Pronto team reaps laurels

    A less powerful version of Pronto is offered to Kickstarter backers at prices ranging from $ 59 to $ 79 (compared to the retail price of $ 99), while the Pronto 12 is priced between $ 99 and $ 119 (retail price of $ 149). Developers promise deliveries of the younger model in March, while the Pronto 12 will go to its first owners in May.

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