TelecityGroup's Cloud-IX - Connecting to the Cloud Easier


    TelecityGroup recently launched the new Cloud-IX service. Now our customers can get direct and secure access to public "clouds", including virtualization flagships such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The service is currently available only in the UK, but TelecityGroup plans to introduce the Cloud-IX platform in all its 37 data centers by the end of 2014. Since this joyful moment is just around the corner, we decided to make a small announcement.

    Сloud-IX - L3 MPLS-platform designed for dedicated connection of TelecityGroup customer infrastructure to public cloud resources. It gives ample opportunities for orchestration, allowing you to connect to any partner cloud provider, the number of which is constantly growing.

    Who benefits from Cloud-IX?

    First of all, for corporate customers who have placed their equipment in the TelecityGroup:
    • Seamless dedicated connection to cloud resources, bypassing the Internet, ensures data confidentiality and allows solving the issue of mistrust in public "clouds".
    • Cloud-IX operates on the basis of our Layer3 MPLS network, which guarantees constant monitoring, high network performance and low latency of data transfer.
    • The same set of services is provided in all 37 data centers of the company, regardless of the location of the customer. For example, the cost of connection is the same for both Helsinki and London.
    • The orchestration mechanism allows you to connect virtual communication channels to the clouds of one or more providers at the same time. In any case, TelecityGroup takes care of their organization.

    Cloud providers :
    • The pan-European availability of cloud resources in all 37 TelecityGroup data centers provides ample opportunities for growth and access to more than 2500 of our customers.
    • Together with Cloud-IX, we provide monitoring and technical support services, and the professionalism of our employees is the key to a high level of service for end users and SLA compliance.

    Resellers and carriers:
    A separate affiliate program is available for both carriers and potential Cloud-IX resellers (system integrators, managed service providers, Internet service providers, cloud departments of telecom companies).

    What are the benefits of Cloud-IX?

    Neutrality to cloud providers
    With Cloud-IX, customers do not need to be tied to a particular cloud provider, which provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

    An example solution scheme

    Dedicated connection
    Data transmission through a dedicated connection means high throughput and low latency.

    The powerful TelecityGroup infrastructure, multiplied by the resources of world leaders in virtualization, provides excellent opportunities for expansion in accordance with the growth of the client’s business. As they say, sky is the limit!

    Creating Hybrid IT Infrastructures Made Easy
    As more and more IT professionals recognize, the future lies with hybrid solutions. With Cloud-IX, a customer’s physical infrastructure can be easily integrated with public cloud resources.

    Interested in Cloud-IX?
    Read more on our website , cooperation proposals can be sent by e-mail .

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