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    Recently, I was interested in a device that eliminates the need to carry a phone with you in your pocket. So here, the M969 Superslim FM Watch Phone fell into my hand. As promised - I present to you a small reviewer of this wonderful device of Chinese minimalism.

    Scope of delivery:
    # Watch with a GSM phone
    # Bluetooth stereo headset for headphones with a 3.5-inch connector
    # Wired stereo headset with a 3.5-inch connector
    # Headphone adapter (3.5-inch own connector)
    # A network charger for watches
    # Charger for Bluetooth headset
    # USB-cable for hours (charging and communication with a computer)
    # 2 batteries
    # MicroSD card 1 Gb
    # Instructions in English for phone and Bluetooth headset

    Technical specifications of GSM clock:
    # Standard: GSM
    # Network frequency: 850/900/1800/1900
    # Talk time: 180 minutes
    # Standby time: 100- 120 hours
    # Form: watches
    # Dimensions: 67 x 50 x 12 mm
    # Weight: 70 gr.
    # Color: black / silver, white / silver, red / silver - the strap is everywhere black
    # Battery: Li-ion

    Multimedia capabilities of the GSM watch:
    # Menu: English.
    # Display size: 1.55 inches - touch / 260 000 colors / 128 x 160 px
    # Camera: 1.3 MP / Web-camera
    # Support for FM radio (only when headphones are connected)
    # Audio support: MP3 (built-in equalizer with settings) / MIDI (polyphony 64 channels)
    # Video support: 3GP / MP4
    # Photo support: JPEG / GIF
    # Phone memory: 393 Kb
    # Vibration alert
    # Memory card: microSD up to 2 GB
    # Slot : native format
    # Data transfer: U disk / USB / Bluetooth A2DP

    Additional features of a GSM clock:
    # Hands-free calling: yes
    # Voice dialing: yes
    # Notebook: 300 contacts
    # Messages and multimedia messaging: SMS (Latin only), MMS
    # Alarm clock: 5 options (vibration alert option)
    # Games: 1
    # GPRS support: yes
    # WAP support: yes
    # Handwriting: yes
    # Bluetooth A2DP: yes
    # Calendar: yes
    # Calculator: yes
    # Organizer: yes
    # Voice recorder: yes
    # E-book: yes
    # File manager: yes
    # Additionally: the thinnest of all phone hours, the number from the keyboard on the case is excellent There are additional buttons for answering and resetting the call. Management can be carried out both from the keyboard and touch buttons on the phone.

    What did you like

    1. It was a surprise for me to discover the full set of functionality of a regular smartphone (calendar, alarm clock, timer, notes, calculator, voice recorder, FM receiver and even a reader for books)
    1. Jokes-jokes, but I liked how they look on hand. They look quite solid.
    2. You can talk without a headset or microphone. The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone.
    3. Photo and VIDEO camera. Chinese craftsmen shoved even that there. It’s filming the truth lousy, but it does!
    4. A huge surprise for me was to find a folding stylus, which is stuffed into the watch strap.
    5. Voice quality is indistinguishable from a regular telephone.
    6. Without recharging, they stayed with me for around 2 days.
    7. Inexpensive price (260 USD in Russia)

    What did NOT like

    1. Headphones included - sucks. Fortunately, the connector for them is standard and they can easily be replaced with any others.
    2. Thick rubber strap. Personally, I was not comfortable all day sitting at them at the computer. I shot them a couple of times a day since my hand was sweating and it became not comfortable. Loosening the strap helped, but I personally don’t like it when the watch hangs on my hand.
    3. Bluetooth headset. Today I discovered an interesting thing. I am walking along the street, the headset receiver is attached to the collar of the shirt. If you hold your hand "at the seams" - interference begins. If you bend it (as if you are looking at the clock), then the interference disappears. The headset receiver was to blame for this, since with a different headset everything works fine.
    4. Russian language in read only mode. That is, you can read Russian SMS, but writing in Russian is not possible.
    5. Polyphony mentally brought me back to the time of midi calls.
    6. The buttons for quick response and switching tracks are hard to press. Honestly, they called me, I tried to click on the green answer (to the left of the touch screen) and in 1 out of 3 cases I did not succeed.

    A few photos



    If it annoys you to carry the phone in your pocket and you only need the phone to ring, it will suit you. For all the other spoiled geeks, this phone is a toy to show to friends and colleagues.

    ps Unfortunately, my "photo session" of these watches disappeared without a trace, so the authorship of the photos is not mine.

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