The most geek competition in the history of Habr: about prizes

    Hello, Habr! Somehow, everything is very strange and unusual with this division of your favorite resource. Like a divorce with a division of property, only in this case - hubs. Well, nothing, adapt.

    It remains a little more than two weeks before the end of our geek contest . The other day we published a short video interview with the authors and developers of the idea. It so happened that on the same day, Habr was shocked by the reform, so if you missed this post in the bustle, we recommend that you look. And today we wanted to tell you more about the 28 prizes that will soon go to the lucky winners of our geek contest.

    Let's start in order. So, the most important prizes are three laptops:

    Apple Macbook Pro 13

    ASUS Zenbook U500VZ

    Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Gen 1

    Compact, lightweight, powerful and very beautiful. All three of the first winners will be able to choose any of these laptops. At least all three are the same.

    So to speak, in second place are three smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5 (16 Gb SM-G900F). The flagship model of the Koreans, moderately large display, remarkable speed, stylish appearance.

    Also on the “second stage of the pedestal" are five Google Nexus 7 tablets (2013, 16 Gb). Great for surfing, watching videos and reading books. Almost the gold standard.

    In the lighter weight category, there are five Jawbone UP24 fitness bracelets. They look more like a beautiful accessory than an electronic gadget. But this is what allows them to be combined with almost any style of clothing.

    Six more winners will receive Leap Motion gesture controllers. A small black and silver box allows you to forget about the mouse and keyboard when working in 3D-editors, games and many other applications.

    We also prepared six backpacks, which comfortably fit 15-inch laptops, and ten t-shirts with the inscription "I’m thinking about a post on Habr, please do not disturb."

    Together with you, we are also looking forward to October 31, gifts will burn our hands. At the same time, we are already considering the idea for a new special project.

    By the way, in anticipation of the final of the contest and Halloween, we want to offer to pass the time and come up with inscriptions for t-shirts dedicated to our geek competition. We will give a prize to the author of the best inscription and a warm hug! Leave your ideas in the comments.

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