My bytes of the past millennium

Immediately make a reservation, this is my personal IT story, the story of how, after 25 years, he found what he considered hopelessly lost.

My acquaintance with computers began in the last millennium. I think, like many. The first computer is Pravets 8d, on Habré there is an article about it . Included with it was the Sadko TV with a hand-made unit for connecting a computer soldered into it ...

A bit of a story from my life: I was in grade 7 in 1987-1988. At that time, my dad was dancing on the Energetik market in the city of Samara, selling re-recorded tapes on the SHARP-800 home dual-cassette radio:

Then came the era of video recorders and, thanks to my father’s unearned income, we were among the first in our yard to have a VM 12 video recorder, and then Barco, Panasonic. My father switched to dubbing videotapes and then selling them in the same market. In those days, video salons were already working, in which it was possible to watch films with a vile translation. All the guys in the yard wanted to be my "friend", because you could watch a couple of films for free, without paying a ruble.

And now, the time has come and I asked my father to buy me a computer. The price at that time was considerable. Dad, having received a promise from me to "behave well" bought me the first computer, as I wrote above - Pravets 8D.

Then there was no FDD and HDD, but there were MK-60 cassettes on which games were recorded. Using a tape recorder, they were loaded into memory and it was possible to play several primitive games that came bundled out of the box, which were tired of the order, and the computer model was not very common in our city. In general, then I started reading the book - the instructions that came with it, the BASIC language was quite clearly described there, and after a while the first primitive game was written independently, it was inspiring.

But the acquaintance with Pravets 8d did not last long and was bought by Electronics BK10-01:

For him, you could get a lot more games and programs. In Samara, there was a Beat or Byte company then - sorry, I don’t remember exactly. Lugov A.Yu., who wrote “The Fight of Boas” for Bk-ashka, worked in it. There you could buy games by recording them on a cassette.

Inspired by a successful start in programming, he enthusiastically began to study VILNIUS BASIC, but was greatly disappointed with BASIC's performance on the BC and began to study the book that came with it. Mnemonics were described there and how it looks in numbers - as I remember now mov 100,r1 = 12701, 100 – регистр r1 получал значение 100.And having spent more than one sleepless night disassembling other people's programs and realizing what was happening, I wrote my first game - it was quite advanced for the first experiment - its essence is this: there was a helicopter landing area at the bottom of the screen, you had to control the buttons by controlling the helicopter and catch balloons flying from different sides of the screen, while avoiding overloading - no more than a few balloons need to land to unload the helicopter. In addition to the balls, missiles flew from different directions, from which it was necessary to evade. Moreover, the game had music in the midi format, written in some midi editor for notes and picked out and adapted to the game; in my opinion, played in a crash. I did not know how to use the mnemonics, it turns out that I needed a compiler, and I wrote this game in digital, octal code.

After that, I showed my creation to my father and he, seeing what his son did, decided to show me to a specialist doctor - at that time the company mentioned above in the person of Lugov. DoctorLugov looked at my creation and asked, “what did you write this game on?”, I described the mechanism, but what did he say that the work that I did with a shovel can be done with an excavator. And he sold Assembler for 5 rubles, which allowed me to write programs more conveniently. In just a couple of days, I mastered the mnemonics and gave out a couple more three games for BC in the next few months. The games were unpretentious - I probably didn’t think of names then, but took them from the world around me: “DOLBY” - such an inscription was on the JVC radio tape recorder, which I used to record and read tapes. The game had a labyrinth of 3 colors and a snake that collected green segments and grew, the red segments of the labyrinth were not passable, the enemy - a ball that bounced off the walls of the labyrinth was a threat to the snake. "ZEUS" - simple tag, but it was already a more advanced game. You could use a joystick, all the fonts were drawn specifically for her, and the splash screen attempted to create a white color - red, blue green changed with great frequency, and even in the splash screen the program produced an unbearable sound until you start the game process or exit. I don’t remember any names or gameplay anymore ...

But the company took these games for sale, there was a jar of cola in which the earned money from the sale of my games was added up and sometimes it had some money, but then it did not bring wealth ...

And then there was Spectrum with its huge number of games. The time has passed BC, rapidly approaching the PC, but that's another story ...

At the time of this writing, I am 41 years old. Not so long ago, I remembered that in my youth I wrote games and decided to look for whether there would be at least some kind of game that I wrote at the beginning? The first searches ended in failure. Well, what do you want, I thought. After all, there was then no Internet in Samara, and who cares about the clumsy games of a 14-year-old teenager? But, while I was searching, I found many games that I played at that time and was surprised that even now you can even play some, the benefit is full of emulators and images of games.

Honestly, I was not hoping to find my creations, but once again decided to look on the Internet and ... to my surprise, I found it! Fifteen called “ZEUS”, SIZE: 2.47 KB (DOWNLOADS: 0) - now there are two downloads, for a PC and a smartphone and both of mine, but how many experiences! How naively designed the interface, came up with a strange brand, apparently influenced by the fact that he was fond of playing the guitar. Even the table of records is, although it contains only my records. I didn’t think how it would be filled if I had to rewrite the game on a tape.

That evening I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time, I thought about the fact that about 25 years have passed since that time and that then the young brain could learn unknown technologies so quickly using simple manuals, even in the absence of the Internet and teachers. It's amazing what creates enthusiasm.

Already going to bed, my wife woke up from my arrival and told me that he had found a game that he wrote 25 years ago. Cool, she said, and fell asleep. In the morning I started the game in the emulator and wanted to show it, but there was no time. I wanted to share my joy with people, but I need to be aware that I hardly impressed anyone, especially those who are not in the subject. I wondered if there would be people who could understand me. I remembered about Habr and decided to write this post. I read with pleasure the comments of almost all the posts that interested me. I am sure there are much more interesting stories. I would like to see your stories in the comments.

I want to say thank you to my father, although he is no longer with us for giving me the opportunity to get to know computers and then let me develop. Thanks to him, this has become for me the main occupation in life. Now all life is connected with computers and programming.

I also want to say thanks to the site on which I found my creation.

Of course, this game that I found has no value for humanity, but for me personally it’s the history of IT in my life and the ability to literally touch what was 25 years ago. Something like a cave drawing from childhood.

I wonder if, after 25 years, what we are doing will continue?
Will we be able to look at the fruits of our labors after 25 years in some emulator?
Do we value what we are creating now and will it be valuable to us in 25 years?

I'll start a new countdown in history ...

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