The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 74 developer (on October 6-12)

    Last week there were a lot of interesting materials, among which, for example, the development of an application for electronic diaries, the use of Xamarin.Forms, the history of the hamburger icon and proper onboarding in mobile applications.

    How I created the application, but was forced to close due to the law

    April 22, I closed the application. It turns out that I violated the law on personal data, although I encrypted all traffic and asked people for permission with a tick. If I did not close the application, then uncles would come to me and give me a pretty fine. For further work, it was necessary to obtain permission, which was decently worth and was made quite difficult. In short, it was not profitable for me to do this.

    “Use standard control” or how we stole a calendar from Apple

    In particular, in the article we would like to share a solution to a set of tasks related to quick rendering of cells and smooth animation, asynchronous loading of events for a calendar from a database.

    Android launchers. Reload idea

    In this publication, I would like to talk about my experience interacting with the Android system, about the transition from an ordinary user of Google phones to developers, and about the work on creating the application. I’ll clarify right away, it’s not about utilities or games, but the development of an Android launcher.

    How we developed our first Xamarin.Forms application and what came of it

    Xamarin claims that using Xamarin.Forms allows you to increase the amount of common code in applications for three mobile platforms (iOS, Android and WP) from 70% to 90%. I had the opportunity to verify this fact from my own experience. About why this is true and false at the same time my story.



    Windows phone



    Marketing and monetization




    Last week’s digest . If I missed something in the search for updates - send it to the mail, I will quickly add it.

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