Google's beta service allows you to conduct videoconferences with your doctor directly from the search results for symptoms

    Imagine how good it would be - you have something that hurts (for example, a knee, after falling from a bicycle), and in a couple of minutes after turning on the PC, you will be able to talk to a doctor who can assess your condition and give advice. It is clear that remote communication with the doctor is not a full examination, but already something.

    So, now Google is testing an interesting service: video chat with a doctor. An offer to speak with your doctor appears when you search Google for specific symptoms. The testing circle is very narrow, so it is unlikely that many users will be able to try out a new type of communication with doctors. Nevertheless, the corporation has already confirmed the fact of launching such a service in test mode.

    It is clear that for free doctors will not communicate with virtual patients - in the near future, if testing is successful, the service will be paid. Nevertheless, at present the corporation covers the costs of communication services with a doctor, so if anyone can communicate with a doctor, it will be free.

    The service is really interesting, you must admit - after all, each of us was in a situation where you cannot immediately consult a doctor, and you really need advice (for example, the case when a child falls ill on December 30-31 and the family doctor leaves to rest, disconnecting the phone - this is quite the case real).

    Provided that the connection is good, and the video equipment of the patient and the doctor is good, you can probably allow the possibility of assessing redness of the throat, or remote examination of the same knee ...


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