What to read at your leisure. September gaming industry news digest

    The first autumn month was busy both in terms of releases and interesting conferences. If you missed everything, I propose to stock up on a blanket, tea, a warm cat and read what interesting happened in the gaming industry in September.

    Creating games

    Theresa Munoz warns: before using game design, you must distill!
    “Speaking and writing is a vital skill in game development,” says Chris DeLeon.
    An informative article about game mechanics from acko.net portal.
    Tanya X. Short (Creative Director at Kitfox Games) talked about procedural generation.
    Vladimir Tolmachev published an article about the state machine.
    The creative director of A-Steroids Ilya Eremeev shared his experience in hiring game designers with App2Top.ru .
    Top 10 game engines. Collect them all!
    Create a game using Blend4Web. Part 4: Mobile devices . Part 5: A dangerous world.
    Math for developers: mathematical analysis (video).
    Create an open source cross-platform 3D game using C ++, OpenGL and GLSL. Game Asset
    Resource Manager .
    How to create cool 2D lighting effects in Unity: C # and JavaScript .
    How to quickly make a small game using MightyEditor.


    Release of the game designer Ren'Py 6.18.
    INSTEAD 2.1.1.
    Blend4Web 09/14.
    Blend4Web SDK v14.08.

    Mobile Direction

    Wolfgang Grabner spoke about the tricks that are used in mobile free-to-play games.
    Why can your game be rejected on the App Store?
    Swrve: 0.13% of players account for 60% of revenue from mobile games .
    10 tips for a mobile developer from Cap.
    The marketing company Medialets has prepared a large-scale review of the mobile advertising market.
    List of the best games of August according to Apple.
    Eric Benjamin Seufert, Wooga’s lead marketer, shared his thoughts onwhy mobile marketing prices are rising.
    If you plan to release a game in the Japanese market, make it mobile. In Japan, the mobile market is dominant.


    Real-time clothing simulation using b-spline surfaces.

    The narrative design

    “Emotional Choice and Consequences in Video Games” is not a very informative, but interesting article in Russian.
    “You will behave well” is a more informative article about how players interact with the moral choice system.
    Branching dialogue system and the work of a screenwriter. Part One: Introduction.
    How to come up with a name for an indie game? Eliot Grant reflected on this subject.in an article on gamedev.net.
    An interesting article on electricphantasms.com: "Self-awareness, interactivity, and the three walls in Metal Gear."


    On gamedev.net you can read a short article on crowdfunding as marketing . Ice-Pick Lodge has revealed this topic in more detail in the article “My Kickstarter Project: A Practical Guide”.
    “Community management is new marketing,” says David Reid. And on the portal gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com an article has already appeared “How to create a community for a game developer?”.
    Japanese sell video games to women through sex. No yellow pages, just applying a popular marketing strategy to a female audience.
    In the blog of the analytical company Fiksu, there was an interesting material about marketing and the amount that you need to spend on advertising.
    Using the Lapsum project as an example, you can see what happens with Kickstarter campaigns without thoughtful marketing.


    Windows 10 will be released in 2015.
    Rovio introduced a female character to Angry Birds and plans to further balance gender balance.
    Warner bros Develops its own digital distribution service.
    The first three successful crowdfunding campaigns on Crowdfunder will receive an additional £ 5,000. Condition for participation: a woman should be at the head of the project.
    Zappos solved the first world problem: they will release pants with pockets the size of the iPhone 6 and other large-sized smartphones.
    Square Enix announced the creation of a "cloud" gaming company. The project is called Shinra Technologies.
    Developers dealing with the PlayStation will get free access to Unity Pro.
    Square Enix has created a service for streaming gameplay from smartphones.
    On Kickstarter, we updated the Terms of Use for successfully completed but unrealized campaigns.
    The GaymerX conference raised the right amount on Kickstarter and will be held next year under the slogan "Games for All."
    Will you drive through Texas -Check out the new video game museum.
    Short report from the GameStop conference in California.
    Steam introduced a new personalization service. Now soundtracks from games can be bought and listened directly to the Steam music player. You can also recommend your favorite games to those interested.
    The eSports arena has opened in the USA - MLG.tv Arena.
    Blizzard canceled a major Titan project. It cost them $ 50 million or more - analysts haven’t decided so.
    Four hackers are charged with hacking Valve and Microsoft servers.
    September turned out to be rich at the conference. Key gaming news and videosfrom the Tokyo Game Show at alistdaily.com.

    Personalities and companies

    Co-founder and CEO PopCap John Vechey (John Vechey) leaves his post after 15 years of work.
    Rovio will be reduced by 16%.
    Nintendo is 125 years old.
    Online game developer gamigo AG announced the purchase of casual games publisher Intenium.
    German developer Wooga introduced its new CFO.
    Ubisoft announced the opening of an office in Moscow.
    Now Mail.ru is the full owner of VKontakte.
    Microsoft still bought Mojang for $ 2.5 billion.
    Mark Gerhard leaves Jagexfor reasons not entirely understood.
    Screenwriter Saints Row went to Valve.

    From Twitter

    Apple Presentation

    What can #AppleLive tell us about Apple 's new social strategy?
    Some funny parodies of news about the iPhone 6. And a little more banter over the bending phone.
    Short info on new Apple products . For those who missed everything.
    iPhone 6 has set developers new, but already very familiar tasks.

    Console News

    On October 14, the PlayStation TV system will be launched.
    Microsoft at the last moment postponed the start of Xbox One sales in China. Xbox One sales
    started in Russia. The portal ru.ign.com has collected all the information that may be useful before buying this console.
    PlayStation Home is Sony's most successful mistake.
    Wed Push Managing Director Michael Pachter believes that the era of consoles has come to an end.

    VR News

    Carmack talked about the challenges that await developers of mobile VR games.
    Jesse Shell worked with VR for 20 years, and he has something to say about this.
    Sony's Morpheus may change the direction of VR . By the way, Yoshida claims that Morpheus is 85% ready.
    Oculus Connect was presented at the conferenceOculus Platform Store virtual store for games and applications on the Oculus Rift.

    Game News

    Ugly Americans has become an interactive series for mobile platforms.
    Destiny took about $ 500 million to develop and market . What came of it - in this article.
    Some good videos: Disney Infinity 2.0 ad: Marvel Super Heroes , an epic ad from the Riot Games LoL World Cup.
    8 cool trailers with the Tokyo Game Show.
    Riot Games has created a promotional site for the presentation of the new League of Legends character.
    On the game "Tetris" will make a film. You didn’t think so. Not about the game itself, but specifically for its motives.
    FEAR Onlineappears on Steam October 17th.
    The NBA 2K15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 includes a face scan system. Which already works disgusting.
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Released You can read reviews of English-language and Russian-language media.
    Review of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. From the eurogamer.net portal and ru.ign.com portal.
    Review of Wasteland 2.
    Review of Alen: Isolation . And here - in Russian. You can also watch a video telling about the history of all the games on the Alien.
    Overview of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.The portal ru.ign.com wrote about the game in Russian.

    It is interesting

    The release of The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie on Vimeo.
    William Aderson on a Gamasutra blog ponders what to do when game development is no longer fun.
    SCUMM diaries: the story of one of the best game engines.
    On the Gamasutra portal, the game teaser Silent Hills - PT was
    torn apart. On the hobbygamedev.com portal, they tried to answer the question “When is the time to complete the project and move on to the next?”.
    6 games that have become successful because they are interesting, and not because they are funny.
    A minute of useful tips:how to record high quality video on a very slow computer.
    “Good Games to Play” is an article by former Nintendo employee Dan Adlman.
    “Everything is depreciating” is an interesting article on how important the threshold for entry into the gaming industry is for developers.
    Interview with indie developers: "What is indie?"
    Interview with Advanced Warfare Development Director Michael Condry.
    An entertaining article from the Hacker magazine about the 8 most interesting glitches in games.
    Review of the Pixel Poetry documentary by eurogamer.net.
    The economist.com portal tried to calculate why the development of computer games is so expensive.
    Interview with EA CEO Andrew Wilson and Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney at The GamesBeat.


    Giant Bombcast: Issue of 2.09 , Release from 16.09 , release of 23.09 .
    On the blog of disgusting men you can listen to several podcasts at once: a) Technique and artistry - Issue 4 , Issue 5 , Issue 6 , Issue 7 , b) Disgusting men - pilot, Issue 1.
    Sergey Galenkin and Mikhail Kuzmin discuss the iPhone 6 in a fresh podcast , Xbox One, acquisition of Microsoft Minecraft and more. In September, they also talked about localizing games ,QA in game development , UGS and in-game economics.


    Vrvana raises money for the Totem virtual reality helmet.
    Hunt monsters and cook food from them in the Battle Chef Brigade game. Or just become a baker .
    You can also give some money for another documentary about indie developers.
    Almost collected the necessary amount of game Fortune's Tavern - a pixel simulator of a tavern in a fantasy setting.


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