Trial versions of applications will appear on the Google Play Store

    Google plans to introduce in its online store Play Store a fundamentally new system for testing paid applications before purchasing them. As the Information publication recently reported, the new feature will be based on the use of a new whale of developer tools, which allows creating so-called “micro-applications” containing the same functions as paid programs, but in a very shorter form.

    This measure logically fits in with Google’s desire to get a mass user to purchase paid apps on the Play Store. As you know, paid applications in the Play Market are in very weak demand (why are they, when most are free), while the main competitor, Apple in its App Store, has higher revenue for developers from the sale of paid applications every year.

    According to Google statistics, despite the fact that the total number of downloads on the Play Store is 50% more than on the App Store, only 10% of Android device users buy apps or games. Over the past year, Google paid its developers about $ 5 billion, while Apple developers for iOS - more than $ 10 billion.

    There are no details as to how the innovation will be implemented. Perhaps Google will have functionality for generating trial versions from ready-made full-format content, that is, the demo will only partially open access to some application features or game levels (as is widely practiced in the case of in-game purchases), or demo versions will be created separately. There is no information as to whether the innovation will be mandatory for all developers, or will be the choice of choice.

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