On the hackathon of the gaming world Games Coding Night "Evil Wins"!

    On the evening of October 3 at 19.00 at the Aquarium Hotel (Crocus Expo), the special night hackathon Games Coding Night ended .

    38 registered teams competed for the right to be winners and, after a day of continuous work, defended their projects before the jury.

    After summing up the final results, it became known that the winners and owners of the main prize are the members of the team “Winning Evil” !

    On October 2, the hackathon participants listened to the reports of IT experts and set about creating their projects.

    The goal was to come up with and create a prototype game application, which must be submitted to the jury within 22 hours after the start of the hackathon.

    With the help of invited experts, the participants were able to get acquainted with the features of developing games on various gaming platforms : HTML5, Unity , XNA, Monogame , etc.

    Special attention was paid to the development tools of Visual Studio and Unity3D .


    As a result, the game “Winning Evil” was recognized as the best gaming application following the results of the Games Coding Night hackathon : On the Unity platform, the team created an action game in which the user plays as a magician and, by mixing different elements, creates spells to destroy his opponents. For example, by mixing the elements of stone and fire, a fiery explosion is obtained: And the interaction of darkness and earth gives rise to lightning: Initially, the game was developed for the Razer Hydra controller , which the player holds in each hand and mixes elements with it, but now the team is developing an interface and under the PC . The next winners of the hackathon

    no less interesting projects of the “Dread Node” and Oarts” teams became :

    Participants of the “Dread Node” developed a game in which, thanks to Kinect , a user sitting in a spaceship has the ability to control his space fleet with his hands.

    The Oarts team again brought the jury back to the topic of magic with the Magic Duel project:

    Game Magic Duel"- this is a duel of magicians in which, according to the description of the creators, it is not enough just to be able to quickly press buttons on the keyboard, or gamepad. True magicians should be able to draw their spells and make them out of patterns. And only the ability to quickly and correctly combine the appropriate patterns can help in a real battle of wizards:

    The hackathon's main experts evaluated projects and selected winners : Tatyana Smetanina, Dmitry Andreev, Vladimir Yunev and Dmitry Soshnikov (Microsoft), Oleg Chumakov (Nival Network), Alexander Bragin ( Mail.ru).

    We sincerely congratulate the teams!

    We also hope that the application developed at the hackathon will become the basis for the project submitted to the Imagine Cup contest, the start of your startup, and also - just a good line in the resume and a separate subject for pride.

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