Google introduced the x86 64-bit Android L emulator for developers

    Google releases 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image

    Google today announced the release of a special version of the Android OS emulator. We are talking about x86 64-bit Android L, designed for developers who are going to release applications that support 64-bit chips. According to the developers, 64-bit Android applications allow developers to use more number of registers and new sets of instructions.

    The company says that Java applications will automatically take advantage of these benefits, without any changes to the current code. Applications written in other languages ​​created with Android NDK r10b can be optimized by developers to fully support the new features of the system.

    Android L

    The new OS, Android L, which does not yet have a "tasty" name, gets the opportunity to run applications surrounded by ART, which replaced the Dalvik virtual machine, which current versions of the mobile OS work with. ART, in theory, allows applications to run faster and run more smoothly, and ART also supports more processors, including ARM, x86, and MIPS. Accordingly, there is support for 64-bit chips.

    A preliminary release of Android L, developer preview, was introduced back in June, and the final release will be ready this fall.

    The current version of the 64-bit emulator can be installed on 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, OS X and Linux. Of course, the performance gain can be seen mainly in demanding applications. You can download the emulator here..

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