Speak at CodeFest

    The CodeFest Developer Conference is five years old. All five years we formed the program only by the efforts of the program committee: we looked for speakers, invited, bribed, threatened. All by yourself. You have been reproaching us with this for all five years. Like, you can’t get into the program outside. We are all aware and want to make the upcoming conference more open. Therefore, we invite you to speak at CodeFest.

    Perform in one of the streams, of which there are seven. Three streams for developers - for mobile, backends and frontends. One is for testing. The most numerous flow about management. And a great stream about grocery design. Two streams with apartment owners remain a bonus - a format where any participant of the conference right at the conference can state a topic, gather experts and arrange a holivar. For example, the program of the pastand the year before last .

    What we want to hear at the upcoming event. In sections.

    Backend . DevOps, Big Data, databases (relational, specialized, esoteric), programming languages ​​(new versions and new languages), architecture of highly loaded systems (classic), stream processing of data (storms, sparks and this whole story) and distributed computing.

    Frontend . Flux / React / Redux (only the lazy one did not praise), PostCSS, WebComponents, ES2016, Babel, WebAssembly, code instrumentation, standards, Offline First approach, functional programming (again) and client optimization.

    Mobile development. Libraries and frameworks (React Native, RxJava), Swift, architecture of mobile systems and design patterns (MVVM, MVP, especially VIPER), mobile analytics, gadgets.

    Testing and quality assurance . CI, CD, load testing, testing of mobile applications, games, gadgets, automation of functional testing and security testing.

    Project and product management . Different Agile - scaling it in large companies, its presence in enterprise products. Holacracy and teams. Product stories of success and failure.

    Design . Interfaces of complex services, content and data (their presentation), design team, branding, prototypes and improving the urban environment.

    If you have anything to say on any of these topics,send us a request .
    Until February, we will choose reports, form a program and tell you whether the report got into the program or not.

    Claim it will be awesome!

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