Goodline deducts money for missed calls - tourists, be careful!

    There is such a tourist sim card "Goodline" , which works in 169 countries. Surely tourists know about her. In many countries, incoming calls are free of charge. And outgoing calls are much cheaper than roaming at Russian opsos. So - my recent vacation in one of the distant countries showed that Goodline writes off money just like that - for missed calls. At the same time, he himself increases the duration of calls. How to check it and how to return the money, as well as other details: I

    threw $ 150 into the account before the trip, I thought it would be enough. On the spot I made a couple of outgoing calls with a total duration of 20 minutes maximum. For reference, the minute of outgoing calls where I was is worth $ 1.25.

    One fine evening, I decided to call again and, shit, I have only 80 cents left on my balance. I frantically recalled all my conversations, looked in the history of the phone. Well, in any way I could not spend all $ 150. I climbed onto the Internet on their website to look at account details, since they have it and it’s free on-line.

    And what I saw there - and I saw that, it turns out, I was actively talking on the phone all the time, though the calls all lasted for 20-30 seconds. And written off for it as a minute.

    But what’s most interesting - one call lasted almost an hour . They removed, respectively, for this something in the region of $ 70. There was no call. In addition, talking an hour on the phone, where a minute costs $ 1.25 - well, I don’t even know ... I wouldn’t be able to.

    For reference: Goodline’s system is designed in such a way that the call leaves you first, and then their Estonian partner automatically calls you back and connects you to the right subscriber. Callback type.

    To call somewhere in the evening, you need to make more than one attempt. Those. I send a request for a call, Wait for call hangs on my phone screen - but in 90% of cases this all ends, i.e. the connection does not occur (even the system does not call me back). Or he calls back, but does not call the second subscriber - the phone is just silent.

    In detailing there was not a single unfamiliar number, i.e. there were those numbers that I called. But all these calls lasting 10-30 seconds - these are just all those attempts that were not successful - the connection did not occur.

    It turns out that they deduct money from you regardless of whether there was a conversation. I dialed the number - pay. And sometimes their system may not turn off at all at the moment the conversation ends - your conversation is already completed, and they continue to write off money (this is exactly my type of “conversation” for an hour).

    I contacted their support service, the operator, after listening to me carefully, asked me to report all those calls that were not there and promised to return the money. Moreover, by his intonation, it was noticed that he did not deny that these conversations were not. And indeed, for all the calls that I called, the money was returned to me.

    It turns out that if the subscriber saw and called - the money will be returned, but did not see and did not call - your money goes in favor of Goodline.

    Hence the warning to all Goodline subscribers - check the details after each trip. If there was no conversation or it was longer than it actually was - feel free to demand money back.

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