Opera Mobile Report: May 2009


    "Mobile" Russians and Ukrainians prefer Yandex

    Google, the most popular search service among Opera Mini users worldwide, however, in some countries, local preferences differ from global ones

    on June 25 - Oslo, Norway. Opera Software released a recent report on the status and trends of mobile Internet in May 2009 based on data on the use of Opera Mini. This time, in addition to information about general global and local trends, it contains data on search engines and the intensity of their use in various regions.

    The full report can be found at: www.opera.com/smw

    Key findings

    • Google remains the most popular search engine among Opera Mini users all over the world, however, Yandex and Russia are leading in Russia and Ukraine, Baidu is leading in China, and Yahoo! is quite strong in Indonesia and Nigeria.

    • Opera Mini users in India most often generate search queries: they provide 16.3% of web page views from this region. On average, Indians open 63.7 pages each month from search results.

    • Opera Mini users in Ukraine turn to search engines less often: only 0.7% of the web pages they viewed are open from search results. On average, “mobile” Ukrainians open 4.3 pages per month from search results.

    • 3.3% of web pages viewed by Russian users in a month are opened from search results. On average, Russians open out of them 13.1 pages per month.

    • In May 2009, the number of Opera Mini users around the world approached 25.4 million, which is 8% more than in April and 136% more than in May 2008. Opera Mini users viewed over 9.6 billion Web pages - 11% more than in April and 227% more than a year earlier.

    • In a month, Opera Mini users downloaded about 160 million MB of traffic to their phones. This result is 5.6% more than in April and 245% more than a year earlier. Opera Mini is capable of compressing data by 90%. If they were not compressed, users would have to download about 1.5 petabytes of information.

    • Russia remains the largest consumer of Opera Mini. Over the year, the number of unique users in this country increased by 62.9%, and the number of web pages they viewed - by 157.1%. On average, each user viewed 398 pages per month.

    • Ukraine moved to fifth place in the list of countries where Opera Mini is used most intensively. She lost the fourth position to India. Compared to May last year, the number of unique Opera Mini users in Ukraine increased by 23.4%, and the pages viewed - by 268.2%. On average, Ukrainians view 584 pages per month.

    “Searching the Internet using mobile devices offers tremendous opportunities for both search engines and end users,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Chief Executive Officer of Opera. - Almost all search engines try to offer information that matches the location of users. At the same time, users now prefer services from search engines that they already know and have earned trust. But how will preferences change? Mobile Internet is becoming increasingly popular around the world, more and more people are gaining their first experience of working on the Web using cell phones. We are at the very beginning of the era of the mobile web. ”

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