Lotus Symphony 1.3 as an alternative to Microsoft Office 2007

    IBM has released a new version of the Lotus Symphony package. It allows you to open Microsoft Office 2007 documents. Enterprises from all over the world can save millions of dollars if they refuse to use Office 2007 and switch to Lotus Symphony, which is absolutely free. Product details and testing options ...

    IBM Corporation announced the release of a new version of the package for working with documents - Lotus Symphony 1.3. It includes the Lotus Symphony Documents text document editor, the Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets table editor, and the Lotus Symphony Presentations editor.

    The main innovation is the ability to import documents saved in Microsoft Office 2007 formats. This initiative can help save millions of dollars to many large enterprises looking for ways to alleviate the financial burden in the current economic downturn. The ability to import Microsoft Office 2007 files into a Symphony environment means that Microsoft Office customers can save on licenses by switching to the Symphony platform while maintaining the ability to access their files. Ordinary users can save. So, for example, the cost of a license for Office 2007 for home use is about 2.5 thousand rubles.

    Along with support for Office 2007 formats, Lotus Symphony has expanded the ability to automatically compose standard letters, the ability to print names, addresses, postal codes and other details on mail envelopes. There are new effects for presentation design, a new clipart has appeared, the ability to insert information translated in real time (Live Text) into documents has been added. The new version of Lotus Symphony allows you to connect additional software modules through a standard drag-and-drop operation, extending the use of Symphony to other business applications. Finally, the package supports export to PDF and ODF formats. See the Lotus Symphony 1.3 demo video for more information .

    You can download and test Lotus Symphony 1.3 for free atIBM website .
    Please note that the package size is about 200 MB. The package supports the following operating systems: Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu. Available, including in Russian.

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