In Kazakhstan, the Internet has become the media

    The Mazhilis (parliament) of Kazakhstan agreed with the amendments to the draft law “On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts on Information and Communication Networks”. Now, by law, all Internet resources, such as websites, chats, blogs, online stores, electronic libraries, are equated with the media, and the authors of blogs and posts in social networks or forums are given the status of a journalist with the corresponding criminal and civil liability .

    The main goal of the bill is to improve the regulation of relations related to the dissemination of information on the territory of Kazakhstan , in connection with which, apparently, an amendment was made to the document, according to which the message of the foreign media about the events in Kazakhstan could be called into question and challenged by the applicant in the


    as slavik correctly noted , the OSCE criticizes Kazakhstan’s decision to equate the Internet with the media.

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