Habrahran and culture of speech

    I am writing for a somewhat unpleasant occasion. Today our employee’s account on Habrahabr was blocked. The blocking was made after the publication of the article “We name the pictures wisely”, which was a cross-post from our blog. I would like to note a few facts:
    1. At the time of blocking, the article had a rating of +29
    2. Over 50 comments were written for the article and there was an active discussion.
    3. This was the first article of our employee.
    4. In the article, we honestly indicated that this is a cross-post from our blog.

    We will not discuss the fact of blocking ourselves - upon a close examination of the rules , we realized that there really was a violation on our part. Upset another - a letter that came from Habraohrany. Below is the text (personalization deleted):

    Come along,% username%!

    Unfortunately, I am forced to excommunicate you from Habr for% n% days by blocking your account. Not just like that, of course, but for violating Habr’s rules:

    * Habr is not a place for thieves copy-paste
    * Habr is not LJ and not the center of world cross-sharing

    However,% d %% m%% y% your account will be unblocked and you can use it like before.

    Regards, GUARD.

    We always publish only our own articles, and the definition of “thieving copy-paste” does not suit us in principle. Also embarrassed is the appeal to the “you” of the bot of Habraohran, whom we do not consider to be either friend or friend. I think that the majority of Habr users respect the guys from Thematic Media, we are not an exception, but this letter from the guard demonstrates that respect is not mutual. Habrahabr is a social network for educated, cultural and modern people and the administration of Habrahabr should be an example.

    I suggest the TM team to reflect on this.

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