NASA's new Orion spacecraft to fly on December 4

    Before the first flight of the new reusable Orion spacecraft, NASA published a cool video called the Test of Fire, demonstrating what the first test of Orion will be and revealing its main parameters. Gizmodo 's Orion


    will be launched on its first flight on the Delta rocket on December 4th. This ship will replace the Shuttle and in the future will deliver people to the moon and Mars.

    Just a month ago, NASA announced the completion of the first Orion module , and now it is in the final stages of flight preparation. The first flight will take place without people on board at an altitude of 5800 km and will take 4.5 hours, during which the basic functions that ensure the flight of people into deep space will be tested. After two revolutions around the Earth, Orion will enter the atmosphere at a speed of approximately 30,000 km / h (8 km / s) and heat up to 2,200 degrees Celsius before parachutes for safe landing in the Pacific Ocean open.


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