Successful and unsuccessful expeditions to Mars and the orbit of Mars: infographics

    In the global network there are more and more articles and news on space topics, which is good news. It seems that people have again become interested in outer space, and imagesome are sure that without traveling to other planets, human civilization could disappear at one point.

    Now the most studied objects in the Solar system are (except the Earth) the Moon and Mars, the devices created by man are studied by Saturn and Titan, Mercury and the Sun. So Voyager left the Solar System altogether, and Rosetta is about to launch Phil’s probe to land on the surface of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

    There are really a lot of spacecraft and space exploration projects, but Mars may be the most promising in terms of obtaining any practical results for humans.

    On the Red Planet, they plan to create a colony-settlement of people to save part of human civilization outside the Earth. Most spacecraft operate on Mars; new devices will be launched in the near future. Probably, many are interested in the question - how many devices working on Mars are currently working? And how many projects to study Mars before?

    To answer this question, the specialists compiled the corresponding infographic, which very clearly demonstrates human activity in the study of Mars. The infographics are English-language, but there is also a localized version (and updated), which is located below.

    Source The Russian version is taken from here . Let's hope that in a few years this infographic will be significantly expanded, with the implementation of new projects to study Mars.

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