Charming marketing

    Cartoon characters, friendly animals and cool heroes of fantastic films, in which promoters dressed as shopping malls and other public places, are becoming a thing of the past ... They were replaced by multifunctional intelligent robots, more like aliens equipped with unprecedented functionality and options. Their main tasks are attracting new customers, presenting products and promoting services, as well as collecting and analyzing information about potential customers. These guys don’t need a vacation and lunch break, they don’t ask for a raise, they don’t get sick and do not cheat. Their runtime is limited only by battery power. However, this will soon cease to be at least any noticeable problem.


    A team of 12 professionals, led by Alexei Yuzhakov and Oleg Kivokurtsev, already known to you for the project to create the Omi-Robotics snow blower (, took up the implementation of a new, very ambitious and a very interesting project - the creation of a robotic employee in the retail sector - a robot promoter Promobot. It was with this project that the development team reached the semifinals of the GenerationS contest. Acting under the slogan “The future will come anyway! Let's shape it together! ”, The designers equipped the humanoid creature with a video analysis system, a microphone array, a swivel neck, a touch screen display on the chest and a promo display on the stomach, supplemented with manipulator arms, mounted obstacle sensors like automobile parking sensors and put on a moving one a platform.

    It is clear that such an impressive inhabitant of any business center or entertainment complex will immediately become a universal favorite. That's the calculation. This means that Promobot is guaranteed to help its owners attract, sell, personify new and regular customers, conduct presentations and provide consultations. Promobot is also able to answer direct and indirect questions. Thanks to this, the client will be able to quickly receive information on the necessary product or service. “He also recognizes faces familiar to him. People are pleased when they are recognized and greeted. This increases loyalty, says Oleg Kivokurtsev. - In addition, the robot is able to generate statistics and metrics about visitors. Thanks to the personalization system, this is very effective, because the owners see who their customers are, understand their sex and age characteristics and even names. In essence, this is all marketing in one solution. ”
    The maximum working time of Promobot is 8 hours (then you need to recharge the battery), the speed of movement on the site is 5 km / h, the robot has 100 thousand voice modules in a speech emulator and the ability to remember up to 1000 faces. The team expects to monetize the Promobot project due to the actual sales (retail cost will be about $ 10 thousand), after-sales service and installation of additional software. Initial investments in the project amounted to 7 million rubles. Today already 20 robots work in various places throughout Russia. Now the company-creator of Promobot is looking for partners to enter global markets. By the end of 2014, it is planned to organize a network of 50 dealerships around the world, and by mid-2016 - to sell at least 1000 robots annually.
    Potential buyers of the promotional robot are retailers, owners of business centers, cinemas, shopping and entertainment complexes. The creators of the project estimate the volume of the world market of advertising robots at $ 1.7 billion and expect to soon occupy their niche in it. By the way, next in line is a robot guide for working in museums.
    We will follow the development of events.

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