Ubuntu enters the corporate market

    At the still ongoing first Ubuntu Live conference in Portland, Canonical founder and Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth shared his intentions to enter the corporate market . Shuttleworth said that with its freest and most humane OS in the world, Canonical is capable of providing servers with what desktops provided at the time: ease of use, performance, and compatibility.

    Over the past two to three years, the popularity of Ubuntu has greatly increased. Mark said that Ubuntu is installed on 6-12 million computers located in more than 200 countries (the numbers vary widely due to the fact that disks with the distribution kit often go hand in hand). And now, when the “humane OS” has won a placeunder the sun on desktops, it's time to take a closer look at the corporate market.

    Linux is already entering the enterprise environment through thin clients and specialized, dedicated systems. According to Mark, in order for Ubuntu to become a strong player in the enterprise software market, it needs to work well in virtual machines (the Ubuntu 7.04 distribution is great here), and also serve as a platform for improving monitoring tools and information management systems. As for the latter, here Canonical relies on Landscape , its own online client management system for small and medium-sized businesses. Mark announced Landscape on Ubuntu Live - now this system is available for free to Canonical support customers.

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