DataTalks: Data Analysis for Solving Business Tasks

    On October 25, the first DataTalks meeting will be held in Minsk.


    DataTalks is:
    • Informal meetings of business analysts and experts in the field of data analysis
    • Professional communication and networking with experts from Belarus and the CIS
    • An opportunity to learn about the latest experience in applying data analytics to solve business problems in companies operating in the global and local markets
    • A good reason to ask experts questions and share your own experience.

    For whom?Business analysts, researchers, project managers, information architects, and system analysts. DataTalks - for everyone who uses or intends to use data analysis or complex mathematical algorithms in their work, both for reporting and decision making, as well as for creating information systems.

    The first meeting, in fact, acquaintance, will be devoted to identifying interesting topics in the field of practical application of data analysis. They will form the basis of subsequent meetings of the analytics community. Meeting

    program 10/25/2014
    1. Mikhail Levin, head of the big data analysis group, Yandex Data Factory
    Report: “How to make millions on your data and machine learning”
    Michael will talk about how the work on improving the quality of Direct in the search is arranged, on which Yandex makes most of its money. The central role in this is played by the prediction of the probability of a click on an ad. He will tell you how these formulas are selected, what is being optimized, how additional millions are earned due to this, how the company makes sure that they really earned, and how everything that is possible is automated. And as a result, the whole process becomes more efficient.
    2. Sergey Kadomsky, Research Director, Wargaming
    Report: “How to sell analytics to business”
    A story about how analytics was built and used in Wargaming. A series of examples will be shown, among which there will be a story about the use of data mining to analyze the behavior of a game audience and other business tasks.
    3. Alexander Grinchuk, associate professor of IBMT BSU, conducts the course “Data Mining: Search for Hidden Patterns” for MBA program participants, implements data mining in Belarusian companies for more than 5 years
    Report: “Practical application of data mining technologies using real business problems in various industries as an example »
    Alexander will give a general description of the business intelligence market in Belarus. Using real business problems as an example, he will talk about the problems that specialists face when implementing Data Mining, and how these problems can be solved using software
    4. Ksenia Petrova, COO
    Report: “Data Mining in Practice: Pitfalls of Analysis”
    In her talk, Ksenia will talk about the main mistakes in Data Minning and how to avoid them. She will explain how the cycle for solving problems in data analysis looks and why problems cannot be solved “head-on”.

    The program is still being formed.

    The entrance is free. To participate, pre-registration is required .
    Date: October 25 (Saturday)
    Welcome coffee and registration at the place: 11:30
    Time: from 12.00 to 18.00
    Location: Minsk, Partizansky Prospekt, 178/2 (Wargaming office)
    To the venue of the meeting organized free delivery from the station. Mogilevskaya metro station (Wargaming shuttle, every 10-15 minutes)

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