We make from Habr cake. Again

    Four years later, I decided it was time. This is the user version of the Habright version of version three zero.
    Carefully, pictures in high quality.

    In the third version of "Habrattor" I tried to make friends the old design of Habr with cool, in my opinion, innovations. So, for example, the profile looks like:

    Comments are the same, with a little greeting from the past:

    / posts / collective / all, yes? :)

    I'm a fan of old buttons:

    The top menu is fully functional. There are notification counters for the dialogs and the tracker, and the money counter in PPA:

    "Megaposta" and advertising on the spot. Advertising blockers are still working.

    How to install

    Habratt lies on the beatback repository , as before, and there is a mirror on Greasyfork . To install it yourself, you must first install the Tampermonkey extension for the browser.

    When “Tampermann” is installed, you can either click on “Install” on GreasyFork , or open the habratort.user.js file and copy its contents into a new script, or click on the three dots and select “Open raw”:

    Then the browser itself will offer an installation or update. This method sometimes fails.

    I checked the script in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If somewhere something breaks - write, correct.

    How can I help you

    On Habré there are new icons in the profile. I tried to draw a "beta tester", but Photoshop is clearly not my strong point. So I will be glad to help in this matter.

    If you find a bug or want a new feature, write to the bug tracker on the BitBacket. The features most needed by the community are necessarily implemented.

    Since last Friday of September, friends! Thanks to Boomburum for helping me with beta testing :)

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