Social Media Aggregator

    They pulled for a long time, not everyone did what they wanted, but it was necessary to launch it.

    UniAva : social aggregator networks, with the ability to connect an unlimited number of accounts within the same network. The original idea assumed the words "united" and "avatar", hence the name.
    Domains: ru / com .

    Purpose :
    1. Reading;
    2. Commenting;
    3. Posting multiple accounts of social networks.

    Connected networks :

    Account Connection Technology : oAuth 2.0, without alienating the password (everyone said many times - I repeat: the password for the account is entered on the social network’s home site, then the application is allowed certain actions (reading, commenting and posting) with the permission of the user).

    IMPORTANT clarification on VK: for the possibility of the current implemented uniava functions, authorization goes as standalone applications and the password and login are entered on the uniava site and proxied to the vk (not oAuth) site. I understand dumbly to any user, do not agitate. Login and password are not saved.
    The purpose of this type of authorization was to get advanced functionality: music, posts.

    What is unique(at least at the time of the idea - 3 years ago): simultaneous connection of several accounts of one social network. Example: you have 3 twitter accounts, 2 vkontakte and 1 instagram and facebook, all of them can be read in one tape. Plus: if the social network (at work) is closed for direct visits, then through UniAva it is available.

    Key System Entities: called sets. A set is a collection of social media accounts. Now there is no limit on the number of sets, and even removed the limit on the number of social networks in one set. To connect several accounts of one social network after connecting the first account to uniava, you need to “log out” of the social network (in a parallel window or launch a new browser in incognito mode), otherwise when you try to add the next account, you will automatically go to the logged in account the social network you just added, which was the first.

    Did not finish: there are errors and obvious flaws from which the main function does not suffer. Below are the details of possible errors (probably not for everyone, as there will be new ones for us). Be patient, sometimes, at the start of the feed, the sets and the feed itself load up to 5-7 seconds, then the news loading does not slow down. Unfortunately, there are no mobile clients.

    Functionality :

    01. The main page.


    Registration is by invitation. To receive an invitation, in the text box (above the orange "Send" button) enter e-mail and click "Send". Next, your invitation will be considered and upon confirmation you receive a beautiful message and a simple letter with an activation code.

    02. On the main page, click "I have a code" and fill out the form with data and drag the green button (slider) to the right (yes, we started when the slider on the iPhone was very fashionable).


    After dragging the slider, you get the “Register” button , which is clicked and dragged. Then this form closes, you are successfully registered and redirect to your personal account, where you click the link "Go to Settings".

    03. Next is the logic. Connect the accounts you want and how much you want (see above “key system entities”) on the “Accounts” tab.


    In steps: 1 , 2 .

    04. Next, on the “Sets” tab of the connected accounts, you simply form the sets you name, as needed.


    05. Click on “uniava” (not on the “go back” button) and proceed to reading the tape (I’ll show by the example of our user - already filled sets).


    Only three sets: 1) All (two twitter, vkontakte, facebok, instagram) and 2) Facebook only and 3) Twitters (2 twitter accounts). The set All is open for viewing.

    06. An example of the arrival of new messages (looking at the tab on the top of the tape - 4 new messages).


    07. After clicking on the “4 new messages” link, the tape is scrolled and remains as a label in the tape (after use during the day, you can scroll through the tape to see what portions it was loaded).


    Now consider the examples of tapes.

    08. Retweet done by :


    09. Retweet made in response to his original tweet.


    10. An example vkontakte post with music.


    11. Example repost vkontakte.


    12. Instagram post.

    There are things that are not very successfully displayed, but we are quietly working on this. Brief conclusion: for those who consume content - the tool is working and convenient.

    The post was made at the request of RealFunTom , who needs to ask all the questions.

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