Results HackDay # 32 in Penza and an invitation to Samara


    On September 26-28, together with SECON and Central Control Commission , we opened the autumn HackDay series and held HackDay # 32 in Penza. A total of 73 people gathered, who presented 14 prototype projects. Read about them under the cut.

    At the very beginning of HackDay , 21 ideas were announced on the site and 4 more were submitted without an application on the site. Only 15 were able to assemble the teams and decide on development. One team surrendered and, as a result, we saw 14 prototype projects at the demofest.

    So, now about everyone:

    “In one click”
    A team of a project manager, 3 developers, a PR manager and a designer, introduced a platform for mobile applications that will help service companies and registries solve the problem of recording customers using the concept of “one-click, here and now”, i.e. using the minimum time spent and anywhere. At the demofest, a solution was presented that will help a person book the nearest free car wash in 1 click, and a car wash to get a client painlessly.

    The project was awarded in the “Startup” nomination established by the IIDF .

    Machine gunner's day

    The prototype of the arcade first-person shooter, dedicated to the difficult everyday life of the Gunner. The player’s goal is simple and noble - to defend the homeland from advancing units and enemy equipment. However, the weapon reveals its crushing power only in skillful and caring hands. The player will not only shoot, but also constantly maintain the machine gun in working condition.
    Combining various input mechanics (tapes, swipe, accelerometer, microphone) and first-person view, the game allows you to fully get used to the image of your virtual alter ego. The Android application is here.

    The project was awarded in the Hack nomination.

    Cheerful remote

    A fascinating story about the development of a prototype with technical details is here

    The project was awarded in the nomination "Tech". And one of the experts at the award joked: “If you want to be noticed on HackDay - solder it!”

    Santa Claus A

    team of entrepreneurs, developers and other specialists developed a web application that allows Santa Clauses and other fairy-tale characters and their clients to find each other on our site. The feature of the application is that it will allow you to order congratulations from fairy-tale characters online. Website here

    Awarded in the Business nomination

    GreenMob Mobile A
    team of Android developers and students developed an application for all people who care about the environment (especially for users of the portal, which will allow them to exchange simple tips on how to behave in everyday life in order to save both their own and natural resources.

    One Keyboard A

    prototype of a desktop application that simplifies the work of people often faced with the need to work simultaneously with several machines located at arm's length in real time, and allows you to quickly and easily organize a workplace. Great for testers and sysadmins,

    Hello Bot A

    team of 6 developers developed a prototype game platform for conducting bot competitions to give programmers a quick and fun hack game or a good deal of bothering with algorithms. You can try it here.

    Event Server
    The prototype of a system for the analysis of production processes, which helps managers and owners of production to increase its efficiency by making timely management decisions, is a feature in the ability to predict capabilities and problems with equipment.

    MoodCatcher A
    team of 2 Python developers (pyramid, pylons, django), 2 JS developers (backbone, angularjs), a designer and project manager, developed a prototype web application that will help boys and girls from 14 to 25 to share their mood on the Web. The process will be carried out by sending and receiving multimedia content and will be anonymous.
    One of the planned features will allow users to select various events (group concerts, etc.) and content in accordance with their preferences and mood. You can check out here

    Beatmission A

    prototype of a global music distribution service to help independent musicians radically increase their earnings, and give music lovers a high-quality store of new music due to a sharp reduction in the chain of intermediaries between musicians and music lovers.

    Penza - the city is bright!

    A site for urban artists of large and beautiful graffiti to help solve the problem of large empty urban spaces by attracting artists, caring citizens and large companies.

    Where is the subscription?
    A prototype of a mobile application for finding nearby parties, events or overnight stays for people in need if they meet certain criteria.

    Helping Hand
    Description here

    Collective Shopping Service. Available here

    HackDay in Penza was the first time. Next year we plan to continue.

    And now about the immediate plans

    The nearest HackDay will be held October 17-19 in Samara. Now in the Samara region there are more than 30 large IT companies that work in the Russian and foreign markets. More than 50 large federal and foreign companies have their representative offices in the region. Large IT forums and conferences are held in Samara and Tolyatti, in which more than 4 thousand people participate annually. Nekhilo, right? Only one 404 Fest is worth it.

    At HackDay you can always try out new technologies, get acquainted with a huge number of like-minded people, do something that you constantly don't have time for and just have a great weekend. If you want to get prizes from HackDay and partners or get investments after the launch of the prototype, pay attention to the individual HackDay nominations.

    The event is shareware. The cost is 400 rubles, but everyone can write a motivation letter in which it is necessary to explain why the organizers should pay for the site and meals and how you can be useful to the participants.

    See you in Samara! Registration and details here .

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