What to do if a license is revoked from a bank?

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Recently, more and more news has appeared that the Central Bank has revoked a license from a bank. Sometimes this happens suddenly and unexpectedly, but it happens that before that, a rumor was already slipping through the Internet. When you need to believe bad news and run to change the bank and, most importantly, what to do if you are left without a bank - we won’t delay with lyrical introductions and tell you right now.

Despite suspicious conversations and the so-called “black” and “white” lists of banks on the network, it is impossible to determine the victims of the Central Bank of Russia in advance. But to pay attention to suspicious signals and protect yourself - in your power. If in the news you have repeatedly come across information about inspections and court proceedings of your bank, about a decrease in financial indicators and a drop in the rating, or that the bank is temporarily not making payments, you should be wary.

Changing a bank is easy

If you noticed the same suspicious signals in time or you are warned by a friend who has really reliable information about the state of the bank, you are in luck. You can easily change the bank without any consequences. The list of actions for this is intuitive:

  1. Open a current account in a new reliable bank. To do this, you need to come to the department and take with you: passport, certificate of registration of individual entrepreneurs, certificate of registration with the tax and stamp. This is the most basic, all other requirements are at the discretion of the bank;

  2. Transfer the rest of the money to a new current account and do not forget to warn all contractors about changing the account;

  3. Contact the old bank with a request to terminate the contract and close the previous bank account.

No one except the counterparties needs to be notified about the change in the current account - entrepreneurs were released from this in May 2014!

If your bank has a license revoked

As a rule, news that a license has been revoked from a bank is instantly distributed on the Internet. In addition, many banks still learned how to use SMS mailing correctly. Also, relevant information is always on  the Bank of Russia website .
The main thing here is to quickly calm down and react correctly. The algorithm of actions in this situation is as follows:

Notify contractors and employees is the first thing to do if you find your bank in a license revocation message.

The sooner you warn customers, the less disputes you will have. The fact is that they can still send you money, but they won’t have time to get to the account. Then we’ll have to figure out where the money hung and whether it will return to the buyer.
If you transfer salaries to employees on cards, inform them of possible delays. By the way, if there really will be a delay in payment, you will have to add compensation for each day of delay. Employees with cards in your bank will have to apply for a refund of up to 700 thousand rubles.

Physicists and entrepreneurs apply for reimbursement of up to 700 thousand

As you already know, money up to 700 thousand rubles of all physicists and, now since 2014, all private entrepreneurs are insured. The Deposit Insurance Agency, which decides on the reimbursement of all money, appoints agent banks. Two weeks after the revocation of the license, you need to contact these banks with a passport and an application to receive your money. They will be paid to you immediately along with interest accrued until the day the license is revoked. For a refund, you must be contacted within a month. You can also see all the information about accepting applications yourself on your bank’s website , on  the insurance agency’s website or in the Bank of Russia Bulletin.

For amounts in excess of 700 thousand rubles, you won’t have to rely on insurance, like all legal entities. Voluntarily and in full, no one will pay this money to you, it is necessary to draw up a creditor's claim for it. But you will receive these sums last. In the worst case scenario, it may happen that you don’t get it at all. As you might guess, there is simply not enough money for those who want a lot.

Prepare a claim for the remaining money

Each bank with revoked licenses is assigned an interim administration. Once she is announced, send her your creditor claim. A sample form of the requirement and a list of necessary documents for the application to it are in the sample on  the DIA website . Take care of them in advance.

You can find out what temporary administration your bank is using on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation that you already know . In the “Announcements of provisional administrations” section, a notice of claims must be published. Before the completion of bankruptcy proceedings, you can at any time send a request by mail or provide it personally to the specified address.

The request must indicate the amount of the bank debt to you. Please note, in addition to the amount of the account balance, you still have to return the money that hung on the bank account. This could happen if you sent a payment, the money was debited from the account, but did not reach the recipient.

Further, all that remains is to wait:
In the best case, the completion of the liquidation procedure: then all the money ( and love ) will come back to you
In the worst, but more likely - bankruptcy proceedings: according to its results, legal entities will almost never be returned.

A few more important points with taxes

If at the time of revocation of the license, you managed to send the payment to the tax or FIU, but the money was "stuck" in the bank - do not worry. The tax will be considered paid, but you will have to make one visit to the inspector with the documents. Since the regulatory authorities do not yet see your money, you just need to provide a payment, account statement and an explanation of the situation that your license has been revoked.

When calculating the tax of the STS, remember that the tax will have to be paid according to the general rules. Hanging payments and lost money can not be written off in any case.

If you still have any questions, smart and beautiful experts of the Elba web service will be happy to answer them.

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