A powerful and dangerous microwave weapon is hidden in a microwave oven

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Good afternoon, dear Khabrovites.

This post will be about undocumented microwave functions. I will show how many useful things can be done if you use a slightly modified microwave in a non-standard way.

In the microwave is a generator of microwave waves of huge power

The power of the waves that are used in the microwave has long excites my mind. Its magnetron (microwave generator) produces electromagnetic waves with a power of about 800 watts and a frequency of 2450 MHz. Just imagine, one microwave produces as much radiation as 10,000 wi-fi routers, 5,000 mobile phones or 30 basic cell towers! To prevent this power from escaping, a double steel shield is used in the microwave.

I open the case

I want to warn you right away, microwave electromagnetic radiation can be harmful to your health, and high voltage can be fatal. But it won’t stop me.
After removing the lid from the microwave, you can see a large transformer: ILO . It raises the mains voltage from 220 volts to 2000 volts to power the magnetron .

In this video I want to show what such a voltage is capable of:

Magnetron Antenna

Having removed the magnetron from the microwave, I realized that you just can't turn it on. Radiation will spread from him in all directions, hitting everything around. Without hesitation, I decided to make a directional antenna from a coffee can. Here is the diagram:


Now all the radiation is directed in the right direction. Just in case, I decided to check the effectiveness of this antenna. He took a lot of small neon lights and laid them out on a plane. When I brought the antenna with the magnetron turned on, I saw that the lamps light up just where you need to:


Unusual experiences

I want to note right away that microwave influences the technique much more strongly than people and animals. Even 10 meters from the magnetron, the equipment was very malfunctioning: the TV and the muse center made a terrible growling sound, the mobile phone initially lost its network, and then completely hung. The magnetron had a particularly strong effect on wi-fi. When I brought the magnetron close to the music center, sparks fell from it and, to my surprise, it exploded! Upon a detailed examination, I discovered that a network capacitor exploded in it. In this video, I show the assembly process of the antenna and the effect of the magnetron on the technique:

Using non-ionizing radiation from a magnetron, plasma can be obtained. In an incandescent lamp, brought to the magnetron, a brightly glowing yellow ball is lit, sometimes with a purple hue, like ball lightning. If the magnetron is not turned off in time, the bulb will explode. Even an ordinary paper clip, under the influence of a microwave, turns into an antenna. An EMF of sufficient strength is induced on it to ignite an arc and melt this clip. The fluorescent lamps and the “housekeeper” light up at a sufficiently large distance and glow directly in the hands without wires! And in a neon lamp, electromagnetic waves become visible:

I want to reassure you, my readers, not one of my neighbors has suffered from my experiences. All the nearest neighbors fled the city as soon as hostilities began in Lugansk.

Safety precautions

I strongly do not recommend repeating the experiments I have described because special precautions are required when working with microwave. All experiments were performed exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. The harm of microwave radiation to humans is not yet fully understood. When I came close to the working magnetron, I felt warm, like from an oven. Only from the inside and, as it were, pointwise, in waves. I didn’t feel any more harm. But still I do not recommend directing the working magnetron to people. Due to thermal effects, protein in the eyes may curl up and a blood clot may form. There is also debate about the fact that such radiation can cause cancer and chronic diseases.

Unusual applications of magnetron

1 - Pest burner. Microwave waves effectively kill pests, both in wooden buildings and on the sunbathing lawn. Bugs under a hard shell have a moisture-containing gut (what an abomination!). Its waves turn into steam in an instant, without harming the tree. I tried to kill pests on a living tree (aphid, codling moth), also effective, but it is important not to overexpose because the tree also heats up, but not so much.
2 - Metal smelting. The power of the magnetron is quite enough for melting non-ferrous metals. Only need to use good thermal insulation.
3 - Drying. You can dry cereals, grain, etc. The advantage of this method is sterilization, pests and bacteria are killed.
4 - Stripping from wiretapping.If you process a room with a magnetron, then you can kill all the unwanted electronics in it: hidden video cameras, electronic bugs, radio microphones, GPS tracking, hidden chips and the like.
5 - Jammer. Using a magnetron, you can easily calm even the noisiest neighbor! Microwave penetrates to two walls and soothes any sound technique.

These are far from all possible applications tested by me. The experiments continue and soon I will write an even more unusual post. Nevertheless, I want to note that it is dangerous to use such a microwave! Therefore, it is better to do this in cases of emergency and subject to safety rules when working with microwave.

That's all for me, be careful when working with high voltage and microwaves.

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