Three Nicholas, or how I came up with a service for eycharov

    You will not praise yourself, no one will praise. Rather, it may praise, but not as it should. We once again became convinced of the immutability of this truth almost immediately after we decided to throw a cry among our startups on VCStart to send us their Dev Story. For no one with more willingness, love and care will not tell about his brainchild than the one who gave birth to him. They threw it away, not particularly planning waiting periods. However, some of the smartest startup authors responded almost immediately, as if they had all written for a long time and were just waiting for an invitation from us to tell about themselves. One of the first to be active was the project, with which we will probably start. We give here the full story of the author of this startup (the style and vocabulary are preserved):

    Advent first

    Everyone says that the idea comes when you bang your head in one and the same place for a long time, then at some moment horns grow up, and it becomes easier to go out with them. In my case, there was nothing like this. Just at one fine moment, I suddenly felt the needs of the market.

    A couple of years ago, I made a living and a Starbucks mug on freelance - I made various highly loaded web-projects in PHP (Yii framework) on order. A penny, in general, was going on - orders were slowly brought by an ad that was successfully placed once and turned out to be a long-playing one, and word of mouth began to help over time - a satisfied client in itself is a good information carrier. It didn’t fail with work, but there wasn’t much free time either - I handed over one project, another appeared right there.

    Well, one day, a certain Nikolai called on the recommendation of another Nikolai, introduced himself as the head of the eycharov of a large company, outlined the wishes for the project, made an appointment.

    Met. Nikolai turned out to be a very militant and proactive person, but he looked chronically tired. During the conversation, it turned out that the reason for this was precisely what was being discussed. A few months ago, the company in which he headed the personnel service, quite suddenly entered a new round of its development - it was lucky to profitably absorb one of the important competitors. Investors, seeing the prospect, threw several million bucks under this business, the company opened a number of new branches and went to previously undeveloped regions. At the same time, they forgot to expand the HR service at first, and for some time it remained a small human resources department with three coworkers who were frightened by the hard work and blackened by a boss from a chronic park. Then they added people and gave some budget for optimization,

    The task was set to me non-trivial - to implement the functional of accounting candidates and recording interviews. In general, they scribbled with him TK for me, he gave an advance, discussed the size of the bonus for urgency, and I immediately took up.

    Take 2 A

    week after three, when the work was already done and the money was paid, the same Nikolai called (by the way, also an HR manager, but in a different company), on the recommendation of which Nikolai the second contacted. Apparently, they talked with each other, Nikolai (the First) liked the new feature, and he wanted himself the same. In addition, he decided to go further and loaded me with creating functionality to get rid of the routine - coordinating the time of the interview, sending letters with the location map, transferring previously scheduled meetings, etc.

    Since the main code was already written, the work went faster, and after a week, somehow, from the early morning, another call rang: “Hello, my name is Nikolai, the company is such and such. Nikolai sent me to you. ”

    Nicholas the Third

    Since I still took this info in the remnants of sleep, the first thought was insanity, the second - that it was time to rest, then when all three eycharas were identified by the brain as separate people, panic came (Why are all personnel officers - Nikolai? ?!).

    But Nikolai the Third on the phone was courteous and friendly, I quickly pulled myself together, and was able to more or less adequately accept an order from him. As a result, he was lucky with the product the most - the third version of the service for Nikolaevcame out the most advanced and smooth. I almost completely automated the process of recording for interviews and extinct from it all the time-consuming routine.

    “Service named after three Nikolaev”

    Time passed, there were still calls - Nikolai praised their tools left and right and recommended me perfectly (though, already to people with more diverse names), but I was completely obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a full-fledged service based on early developments, and I was completely busy with it. As a result, appeared Record. com is a service for personnel services personnel, which can save up to 80% of the working time or significantly reduce the costs of human resources for employers. It seems to me alone that in many companies they are unreasonably inflated?

    The main thing about the project: using it, employers can:

    Keep a register of your open vacancies;
    Keep an archive of previously closed vacancies;
    Keep an archive of resumes and interview results;
    Post your vacancies or links (to vacancies on job search sites);
    And indicate time intervals for interviews;

    The invited candidates, in turn, choose a convenient time and date (if they are free) and sign up for an interview, receive a location map and an interview reminder by e-mail, get the opportunity to keep records and comment on the results of their interviews. An essential point is that the whole process takes place directly on the employer's website, which is very convenient for all parties. In addition, the employer can connect the service without using the work of programmers - adaptation to the customer’s site of the user version of the service does not require special knowledge and skills.

    The monetization model of the service is as follows - the main functionality will be provided free of charge, but with some limitations. Functionality PRO will be available at an additional cost.

    Speaking of competitors, I have not seen similar services, although, to be honest, I have not found any special studies of this market. However, among the employees of the profile services of companies I know, most expressed their willingness to use such a service and pay an acceptable monthly fee for it.

    Currently, a website is being prepared for release, which will be launched soon, a team is being created (By the way, I will be very happy if an advertising and marketing guru joins it), a monetization model is being developed.

    According to my expectations, in 5-6 months after the launch, the project should reach self-sufficiency, then its profit will grow and invest in advertising. Thus, in two years it is planned to increase the value of investor shares by 30-50 times. I will be glad to receive feedback from staff services staff - all wishes will be taken into account in the further development of the service, and, of course, to investors!

    About the author: Eugene Kofanov - CEO, professional php (Yii) developer. Education: applied informatics in economics. Interests: travel, motorcycles, sports, extreme, self-development, music, business, investment.

    You can buy a share (from $ 30) in the startup on the VCStart collective investment platform.

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