Two weeks with the enemy or Nokia Lumia 1520 through the eyes of the owner of Apple technology

    I want to share my impressions of the smartphone on WinOS. Perhaps someone will benefit from my experience with the WinPhone interface after many years of work on iOS.


    Before you start reading the review, pay attention: the review was written in a narrative form, therefore it is hidden under the habrakat. If you want to know the final grade, just look at the advantages and disadvantages that I highlighted below. It is interesting to hear your point of view on the review.


    I admit, the first and last model from this company I had 3310 known to all. Not because it was the only one. There were others between the first and last. However, in the end, I returned to 3310 and did not regret anything until the iPhone came out. Since then, there have been attempts to work on almost all new products from the world of smartphones, until the iPhone 4 appeared, putting an end to my searches. Actually, I have it now. What prompted new experiments? Apple has ceased to support my "four" in the new iOS.
    We figured it out. Back to Nokia.

    They offered a choice of Nokia XL and Nokia Lumia 1520. The first on android, the second on windows phone. Hard choice. He took 1520, since a) "after all ... this is .... same .... iPhone 6+! ”, b) a better camera, and c) an axis that I have never encountered seriously before. In addition, it became interesting to personally test the phone with a diagonal of iPhone 6+.

    First experience

    He took it in his hand, turned it, poked into the menu - a big, uncomfortable, too complicated menu for the iPhone owner to intuitively understand, and clicking on all the tile buttons (except the player) leads to an update that cannot be obtained without the Internet.

    Sim card from Yota

    It so happened that a couple of days before Nokia I got the first SIM card from Yota, a new mobile operator with honest unlimited internet. Of course, I immediately inserted the Yota SIM card into the phone and wondered what to do next. Yota only offers account management through its iPhone and Android apps. Here we come to the first life hack - for future owners of SIM cards from Yota. If you cannot connect for some reason to the Internet, that is, a free SMS number 0999, to which you can write SMS and you will be answered what to do in your case.

    As soon as I was happy with the connection, I realized that I did not have the promised LTE. Helped in the settings. In the system settings, I found the item "data transfer"; 3G need pens to change to 4G. You have to get used to it. This is not Apple. No one here will do anything for you. What's next? That's right - updates. Opened, clicked ... Error. Again went through the settings. I tried to log in with my old LiveID - again a mistake. Stumbled for half an hour. Turned off the phone and went to training.

    Revelations Settings

    Before going to bed, at one in the morning, I decided to once again see what was wrong with Nokia. I ran again through the settings. I logged into my Nokia account and tried to log in via Facebook, and - suddenly a new error. “Your date is incorrect,” the device writes to me. I go to the date and time settings, I see that they are set automatically.
    In disbelief, I turn off the machine and - I see 2013. Again, cursing, I recall that I am on Windows. I manually change the date to the current one (this is the second life hack) and return the automatic date settings. Updates begin to work, they let me into my Nokia account and Adventure continues.


    At first, the interface looks incomprehensible. For example, the “Windows” button, which at first was not only a replacement for “Home”, but also access to Cortana, lost its “sexual search” after update 8.1. And in order to understand that the left (of the three navigation) keys not only switches applications in multitasking mode, but also closes them, you just need to be seven spans in the forehead.

    Despite this, in the first two days I was almost used to the “tiled” WinPhone interface. He is very friendly and even surprising to know that initially (as far as I know from Microsoft employees) he was created for desktop systems. Very convenient and easy.
    It is thanks to the simple and fast functionality that people who are not even familiar with Nokia and Windows Phone were enthusiastic about the smartphone and some even decided to buy it in the near future. I counted five, but - who knows!

    Apps and games

    On the morning of the 4th day, the axis was updated to a whole subversion and became 8.1. The “sensational” Cortana for some reason refused to work in Russian, but there appeared such a native taskbar dropdown for iPhone owners. Well, about a dozen minor improvements to the interface and a couple of applications.

    I spent three hours downloading, updating and configuring applications for Nokia. I did not immediately understand where to turn off the included push-ups, but I found how to turn off the background operation of applications. I was glad that in three hours of active work the phone was discharged by only a quarter. For two days I did everything on it that can be done with a smartphone.

    Then I put a bunch of free applications. Half deleted immediately. I was tormented with synchronizing the phone with a macbook. Spat. Suffered with uploading files to applications via OneDrive / SkyDrive. With a huge amount of space (32Gb to score without video is not as easy as you think) without a flash drive, file sharing is extremely difficult. At the same time, for example, some readers ask you to rename the file format specifically for them, and some comic book readers refuse to work with archives and crash without warning. Out of habit, all this wildly infuriates. There are no normal default fonts on readers (the habit of fonts from iBooks does not disappear right away). Of the games so far, I managed to try only specially ground for Halo wine backgrounds with a top view. Not hooked. Put a couple of simulators, but ... Flight sims turned out to be a miserable likeness. Asphalt 8 just crashed several times before launch. But then it still worked. Later in the review I read that there are no games optimized for such a screen on WinPhone yet. Hence all the problems with the picture.

    The office is excellent and fast. Like OneNote. There is only one problem - on the keyboard layout to the right of the space, there is a point that you no, no, yes you will get with quick typing. I hit the spot in 9 out of 10 cases, which annoyed me wildly. There are no complaints about the rest of the functions.
    Found reviews on the phone. They write that I have in my hands a treasure that I have underestimated so far. I looked at the screenshots from the articles - I learned something for myself in the settings and made corrections. Still, sometimes you need to read the instructions. Probably. I reassure myself that I try to test the phone honestly, but usually people don’t read the instructions until they break something.

    Immediately reassure those who began to panic in the previous paragraphs. Everything related to software files is completely solved by connecting a memory card. And I managed to do without her, it is possible. It’s easier for a normal person to buy a card, of course.

    Spent an extra hour to configure and login in all applications. Skype for some reason refused to log in after synchronization with the Microsoft account (this is a mandatory requirement when connecting for the first time). Several programs (for example, the Line messenger) required me to say goodbye to accessing messages and message history on another device. For the sake of experiment, I logged in - indeed, the service removed my access from the iPhone. It’s sad. Pay attention to all those who use more than one device.

    My idea of ​​installing instant messengers on two different devices at the same time failed. Since you are attached to a number, and there is no way to bind several numbers to your account, such an attempt either simply kicks you out of the system or destroys your entire history of correspondence and contacts, trying to find them again in the phone book. Better not experiment.


    The 3400 battery keeps the phone operational for three days. About how the battery works at full load - read below. Perhaps on this you can immediately close the topic, unless it is worth telling about two small nuances. Firstly, I noticed that with active use, the last 10% of the battery’s capacity almost does not charge. So upon reaching 90%, you can safely turn off. The difference is small. And secondly, with the upgrade to Window Phone 8.1, the phone began to complain about the insufficient power of the current source, regardless of whether the device was powered from an outlet, from a macbook or from a power bank. What is the reason I did not understand. Charged, worked. The rest was no problem.

    Calls and Internet

    There is also nothing special to tell. Everything is fine, fast and loud. The Internet on Yota worked in most places where MTS was powerless.

    Photo and video shooting

    For the first time I tested photos and videos of Nokia’s capabilities the day before the trip to Kazan: at a lecture by the wonderful Zhenya Timonova, the host of the show “Everything is like animals” at the journal faculty. It suddenly turned out that after upgrading to version 8.1, the phone became slower and less likely to respond to the photo mode enable button. When I dealt with this annoying misunderstanding, everything went smoothly. Photos come out vibrant, rich and vibrant. Manual focus is fast enough. On the video, despite the specifics of the audience (the premises, not the listeners) - the picture was clear, and despite my slightly trembling hands - stable; and the most important thing, in my opinion, is that the sound also turned out to be smooth and clear.

    The battery also holds with a bang all this furious activity. I still found one minus - synchronizing a photo album with the cloud allows you to do not only OneDrive, but also a dozen other services, and video is sent only to OneDrive - and only via Wi-Fi. It reacts to a communication failure instantly and then for a long time restarts the download again. Fortunately, software from Nokia to backup images helped me. By the way, judging by the interface, the software for users of Apple products is clearly ported to Windows. Nevertheless, it works without glitches and crashes.

    A week later, I was able to really seriously upload Lumiya for photo and video filming. More than a hundred photographs, with mediocre lighting, 7 gigs of data, of which the largest was a 16-minute performance in one take. At the same time I checked the application for transferring photo-video materials to the laptop and back. Everything worked perfectly. Only the Internet that day got me very weak, so I had to transfer the acquired back-breaking labor in the evening, through fast Wi-Fi.

    The most serious test Lumiya passed in the conditions of a 9-hour event. Almost 1000 photos and 55 video interviews, lasting from 2 to 5 minutes for 8 (!) Hours on a single charge. And the smartphone did it. Is this not an indicator of quality ?!


    Nokia Lumia 1520 is a really high-quality and thoughtful device. Unfortunately, I will not take it for myself, but I recommend it to those who wish to leave the camp of iOS fans.
    I’ll refrain myself for this reason: of the obvious shortcomings for today is the keyboard “point” and an extremely small library of applications and games in the Windows Market. Perhaps these are two key factors for me personally.

    But the phone has significantly more advantages. This is a popular form factor, high-quality assembly, nice design, stable and easy to learn multi-tasking operating system, excellent battery, beautiful camera; and standard applications cover 99% of the average user's needs.

    Tell us about your experience with devices on Windows Phone, if it was / is?

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