No matter what Notch writes, Minecraft

    Notorious among indie developers, Markus Persson aka Notch , after leaving the post of Minecraft chief developer, decided to take part in the Ludum Dare 22 competition to create games on a given topic, which started two days ago . The theme of the 22nd contest was “loneliness”.

    Anyone can take part in Ludum Dare, and the competition itself is divided into two competitions:

    The Competition - creating a game alone in 48 hours.
    The Jam - team building a game in 72 hours.

    It was in the first that Notch took part, and this would not have become such a noticeable event (after all, he had previously taken part in such competitions) if Marcus had not begun to transmit the entire development process from thinking through the idea to the final result, including coding and drawing sprites, online, which gives an excellent opportunity to see how not the latest people in the field of game development create their projects from scratch. Notch tools use Eclipse and Paint.NET.

    Despite all attempts to come up with a game on a given topic without being tied to any genre, 2 years of Minecraft development leave a strong imprint on thinking and prevent you from thinking freshly. As a result, Notch wrote Minecraft in 2D, which in no way diminishes his merits as a developer who can quickly produce a finished result.

    Watch the development screencast (28 hours of video): the first part (4 hours) , the second part (13 hours) , the third part (11 hours)
    Play Minicraft .

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